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  1. Richard S. Coleman commented on Lalo Alcaraz over 2 years ago

    There is enough stupid in this cartoon to really put America to shame. I am real tired of this Obama backing, hack trying to get to Bush every chance he gets. Your idea of a President said no troops on the ground well guess what you can call them advisors or what ever you want to, but America GI’s will be ON THE GROUND and this will just be the beginning because this arrogant President does not have anyone to help him with foreign policy. He tried that loose lipped ‘I am not running for President yet’ I call B. S. on Hillary and now he has John Kerry who, along with Hillary voted FOR the war in Iraq. Come on you, I really cannot say what I want to but you can feel in any of the blanks with words you know. I have tried not to call you Liberal low minded, name calling, American destroying idiots names but that gives idiots a bad name. Richard S. Coleman There I signed it I owned it.

  2. Richard S. Coleman commented on Tim Eagan over 2 years ago

    Supporters of gun control, you are never going to change the mindset of the Liberal, bring a Time Out to a gunfight. I mean they won’t even talk about how many deaths are due to Knives, Baseball Bats and other non gun weapons. Oh and let us not forget the American lover for the automobile that kills more Humans every day than guns do. Why is it that the “Liberal” states have more killings by gun than the Non-Liberal states, makes me wonder, but hey like I said if you give them facts you are either a gun toting nut or a racist. I guess in some ways I am both. Well Have a Blessed Day.

  3. Richard S. Coleman commented on Lalo Alcaraz over 2 years ago

    So I take it you think there should be more Gun Control. Ok how do you propose to get the guns out of the hands of the With Mental health problems? Or the guns from criminals? Oh well your satire was almost on point. Seems everyone forgets he killed 3 people with a knife. Yes I am a member of the no fun league.

  4. Richard S. Coleman commented on Tim Eagan over 2 years ago

    As an Okie I find this may be the stupidest thing the so called government in this state has pulled in a long time.
    Inhoffe and Coburn are bad enough in Congress, but to have this happen in our own back yard is just DUMB>
    This REpublican may have to go Independent.

  5. Richard S. Coleman commented on Cornered almost 3 years ago

    Thanks, I have a friend who is a Piper and is at a Robert Burns reading tonight.
    Will give her a good laugh.

  6. Richard S. Coleman commented on Drabble about 3 years ago

    For those that have Cable one and a few other cable channels this is the ONLY way we are going to get. Reminds me of 59 years ago when I use to listen with my day.

  7. Richard S. Coleman commented on Broom Hilda about 3 years ago

    I love her 1956 Plymouth Belvedere, Only new car dad ever bought. Great car.

  8. Richard S. Coleman commented on Ben over 3 years ago

    Enough of the potty humor (?) not funny no way no how!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Richard S. Coleman commented on Gasoline Alley almost 4 years ago

    This is the last Gasoline Alley for me. Has lost its punch and is just down right tasteless.

  10. Richard S. Coleman commented on Daddy's Home almost 4 years ago

    Oklahoma State University and WEbster University