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  1. lamaco commented on Rubes 3 months ago

    My guess is he’s referring to this one:

    Customer: waiter, what’s that fly doing in my soup?
    Waiter: I think it’ the backstroke.

  2. lamaco commented on Robert Ariail 5 months ago

    1- because we want clean air
    2 – because deceit should not be official corporate policy

  3. lamaco commented on Reality Check 6 months ago

    So now the truth comes out. Fred is a Time Lord, and he lives in a Tardis.

  4. lamaco commented on Herman 7 months ago

    You’re probably thinking of the Carol Burnett soap opera, “As The Stomach Turns”

  5. lamaco commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 7 months ago

    Not entirely guesswork. Look up Radiocarbon dating and Potassium Argon dating.

  6. lamaco commented on Herb and Jamaal 7 months ago

    If the person was in Mensa, the reaction should have been “To whom?”

  7. lamaco commented on B.C. 7 months ago

    Okay, it’s just a comic and I’m being picky, but vegan and organic are unrelated concepts.

  8. lamaco commented on Free Range 11 months ago

    and then they complain about having to park so far away, so they can go in and use the treadmill

  9. lamaco commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 12 months ago

    They forgot to include whether or not Asha Rani lived.

  10. lamaco commented on Free Range over 1 year ago

    Is that John Cleese up on top?