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  1. aldridgeg commented on Non Sequitur over 5 years ago

    Why must Progressives/Totalitarians always use obscenities, vis-à-vis “Teabaggers” even while they CLAIM to want civility? Or are they simply evil and incapable of common decency?

  2. aldridgeg commented on Gasoline Alley almost 6 years ago

    To quote Great -Grandmother, “The South laid down her arms, weary of chasing Yankees.”

  3. aldridgeg commented on Red and Rover almost 6 years ago

    My Siberian, Apache, and I share our liver. He cannot have the onions, but he seems not disappointed at all.

  4. aldridgeg commented on Non Sequitur almost 6 years ago

    With exactly the same quality of caring treatment that we can expect from ObamaCare.

  5. aldridgeg commented on Bliss almost 6 years ago

    Thirty year retiree here: Yes. No doubt as to your courage. And when you got HIV infected during that big farewell party; you now get to pass it on in a direct transfusion or two or three where there are no tests due to the exigencies of combat. It has not shown up on the AIDS test yet. Not enough time. However, quite a number will come up positive so that your imagined rights might be affirmed.

  6. aldridgeg commented on Red and Rover almost 6 years ago

    Lord in Heaven, how I love this strip.

  7. aldridgeg commented on Non Sequitur about 6 years ago

    You Leftists are merely G*d Cursed fools. I know that you are utter unable to care for yourselves. Go see Kim Jong Un. HE will take care of you. As for me? Give me liberty or give me death. I am armed. YOU are scared of those terrible gunses. Idiots.

  8. aldridgeg commented on Herb and Jamaal about 6 years ago

    Food. Real Food for Real Southerners.

  9. aldridgeg commented on Red and Rover about 6 years ago

    Hey. It’s the Nose Paper. I LOVE this kindly strip.

  10. aldridgeg commented on Bliss about 6 years ago

    Actually there is a very nice restaurant in Elberta, AL called, “The Road Kill Cafe.” It is worth the visit.