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  1. lordlundar commented on Betty about 1 month ago

    Legally the author can’t. Band-Aid is a brand name.

  2. lordlundar commented on Bloom County 2016 about 1 month ago

    The original was called Duck Tape as well because of it’s water repelling qualities It was originally used for sealing ammo boxes.

  3. lordlundar commented on Shoe 2 months ago

    yup, just ask John Fogerty.

  4. lordlundar commented on Bloom County 2016 3 months ago

    largely because the reality was more bizarre than what he could exaggerate.

  5. lordlundar commented on Shoe 3 months ago

    honest politician
    truthful journalism

  6. lordlundar commented on Wizard of Id 3 months ago

    Uhhh, no. Z-rated is reserved for pornography films. the NC-17 label was created for films that aren’t pornographic but are not meant for 17 or younger (the R rating with the MPAA means adult supervision for 17 or under).

  7. lordlundar commented on Heathcliff 3 months ago

    The old Heathcliff cartoon.

  8. lordlundar commented on Betty 5 months ago

    The Mythbusters did test something similar (beating a fingerprint scanner for a door lock) and it not nearly as simple as you make it out to be. In short, getting the print to begin with is the easy part. To add, smart phones don’t read pressure, they read electronic signals coming from the skin so any artificial print would not work as the phone can’t read it to begin with.

  9. lordlundar commented on Shoe 5 months ago

    To me there is only one good accordion player and that is Weird Al Yankovic.

  10. lordlundar commented on Betty 6 months ago

    Well considering he’s Canadian not as much as an American student.