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  1. Ben Kim GoComics Pro Member commented on Glenn McCoy over 4 years ago

    As an infantry company commander currently serving in the further outreaches of rural Afghanistan, I’d like to shed some light on this topic. However trivial it may seem that some books were carelessly burned, the reality of the situation is that both Afghan civilians and US and GIRoA soldiers have been wounded or killed as a direct effect of this event. The threat of further backlash is still quite real, and none of us here are feeling comfortable. And for us on the front line, it’s caused quite a bit of anger that some foolish individuals who work in air conditioned offices, eat 3 or more hot meals a day, and share none of our dangers, can so recklessly endanger everything we are trying to do out here. The President was not wrong for apologizing, because if that’s what it takes to lessen the anger many of our Afghan partners are feeling toward us and mitigate the risk to our lives, then that is what he must do. I apologized as well, even though I had nothing to do with this nonsense, and I made it sound sincere as possible because I won’t add further insult and endanger the lives of my men. Being prideful is very easy when you aren’t responsible for the welfare of others.