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Agnes by Tony Cochran


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  1. rshive commented on B.C. 2 minutes ago

    Just taking advantage of advances in technology.

  2. rshive commented on Agnes 11 minutes ago

    A little stilted. But it gets the message across. Would by chance Bob’s be the only card Agnes might get?

  3. rshive commented on Working Daze about 6 hours ago

    Have to love Rita’s logic.

  4. rshive commented on Pearls Before Swine about 6 hours ago

    The fourth time it really gets nasty.

  5. rshive commented on Lio about 6 hours ago

    We lived about 30 miles from a fast food intersection. You could tell to the day when the White Castle opened. The trash changed from McDonald’s to theirs.

  6. rshive commented on Wizard of Id about 6 hours ago

    NOW the heat is on maximum.

  7. rshive commented on Shoe about 6 hours ago

    It’s great! I push buttons pretty well; and it’s geared to me!

  8. rshive commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 6 hours ago

    The sentiment is overwhelming.

  9. rshive commented on Agnes about 10 hours ago

    A kidney perhaps? Maybe someone would recognize it.

  10. rshive commented on Agnes about 11 hours ago

    A fan of Roger Miller?