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  1. rshive commented on Wizard of Id about 12 hours ago

    Have to install it around your trees, Wiz.

  2. rshive commented on Frazz about 20 hours ago

    Got my shot already. But,as I understand it, the flavor of flu that a shot protects against is determined basically by lottery. If the wrong kind of flu comes by, you’re out of luck—no protection. I certainly believe in science. But I also believe in its limitations.

  3. rshive commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 20 hours ago

    Mouse breeding has improved sooo much in recent years. I think they’ve actually found ways to tenderize the whiskers.

  4. rshive commented on Agnes about 21 hours ago

    Can I inquire as to which century? Stale bread is forever.

  5. rshive commented on Agnes 2 days ago

    You and i come from different sides of the fence. Somehow (not sure how) I developed a taste for what we called the bread crust. My Mom used to save those pieces for me because I was the only one who would eat them.

  6. rshive commented on Wizard of Id 2 days ago

    Have to admire their marksmanship.

  7. rshive commented on Shoe 2 days ago

    And silent in several languages too.

  8. rshive commented on Candorville 2 days ago

    The meteor will miss anyway. Their aim is notoriously poor.

  9. rshive commented on Herman 3 days ago

    The office needs a hot bath too.

  10. rshive commented on Working Daze 3 days ago

    Probably does lots of financial damage to the estate of Charles Schulz. But I wonder how much insurance he ever sold. One phase that instantly comes to mind is “New Coke.”