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  1. BirishB commented on State of the Union almost 7 years ago

    and scott …

    if it ain’t irony, then it’s hypocrisy.

    and ohbytheway … you’re the one dropping labels.

    left co-opting moral issues … that’s rich … you must be ignoring the “moral majority” and the “religious right”

    the difference between us … is that you deign to judge me without knowing a thing about me. you seem to have pigeonholed me to a complete set of thoughts without knowing the whole picture. i, on the other hand, find your display of moral pomposity to be arrogant, crass, self-serving and distasteful, but i still believe that you might have something of value to contribute to our society … but only if you could stop the screaming, shouting and damnation long enough to try understand the views of those you disagree with.

  2. BirishB commented on State of the Union almost 7 years ago

    jack … not surprised you only read half my comment. i have long thought you do that, and now that i know it is true, i will in the future just ignore what you have to say.

    here’s a hint for you: if you had read the rest of my comment, you would know how completely irrelevant your response was.

  3. BirishB commented on State of the Union almost 7 years ago

    “Godless people love to politicize morality, and moralize politics.”

    That’s the very height of irony, scott.

    All your lampooning of the “left” in biblical terms, and then you do a complete 180 and come up with that little gem.

  4. BirishB commented on State of the Union almost 7 years ago

    Yes, tiny, I blame Bush and his ridiculous policies for our current economic woes. He set the decline in motion. His Presidency caused the economic downfall we are all suffering from today.

    Liberal congress? You mean the democratic congress that came to power in 2006 … with two years remaining in the Bush presidency? Overall, that congress is a relative non-factor, but they certainly do share a small portion of the blame.

    But why play the blame game?

    We are where we are. And where we are is that China is (1) the largest potential consumer market in the world, (2) highly attractive to US business interests, (3) the most flush with cash, and (4) the single largest stakeholder in the US economy. You think the money borrowed to fund US corporations is large? Then you must not be aware of the holdings and investments that China and Chinese companies have in US companies and the US economy in general.

    And when the question is posed, “why doesn’t Obama want to meet with the Dalai Lama?” … my guess is “because we are economically beholden to the Chinese and we don’t want to cause any problems with a power that holds a controlling interest in our very livelihood.”

    I suppose I could have said the same thing by simply stating that “China owns more than half the US economy; anyone want to guess why Obama doesn’t want to piss off the country that can literally make or break us right now?”

  5. BirishB commented on State of the Union almost 7 years ago

    scott …

    Interesting that you point out that “lefties” don’t know the “Jesus Standard” … but then admit that if it were applied, “there wouldn’t be much of the GOP left, either.”

    Christianity teaches that moral authority is a gift given to humanity as a choice; and that one of the characteristic traits of a false prophet is one who claims to have a higher moral authority than others. Kind of like one who claims his political identity grants him or her a higher pedestal from which to view the world.

  6. BirishB commented on State of the Union almost 7 years ago

    (psst … jack … i already offered my opinion. next time, try reading it before you respond. btw … kudos to you for going ad hominem when you didn’t understand the original comment.)

  7. BirishB commented on State of the Union almost 7 years ago

    Right …

    Good ol’ Bush the 84th sells our economy down the river; China buys up half our interests; if they balk at us now, we are ever so screwed. So then the Dalai Lama comes a’ callin’. But China doesn’t like him.

    Now …

    Anyone want to guess why Obama had the good sense to delay a meeting with the Dalai Lama when he hasn’t yet talked to the single biggest investor in American livelihood?

  8. BirishB commented on State of the Union almost 7 years ago

    jack …

    “iranian separatist” does not equal “iran” … iranian separatists took us hostages; the government of iran did not.

    by your logic, the US attacked oklahoma city because separatists tim mcveigh and terry nichols, who happened to be americans, blew up a federal building.

    is iran a big problem? yes. but iran has never directly attacked the us, which would be a declaration of war. has iran funded terrorist organizations? probably. but the validity of that evidence is undermined by the stack of lies that poured out of our diplomatic efforts over the past decade. i think iran has given safe harbor to terrorist organizations that attack americans; but to say that “iran has attacked this country every chance they get” is … well … wrong, as in not factual. that’s not opinion, either.

    oh … iran mined the persian gulf? yes. because we were backing iraq in their war against iran (thank reagan and bush 81 for that). iran did not lay mines in the persian gulf to “force the cost of oil up in our country.” that is another misstatement of fact. iran layed mines to destroy kuwaiti oil tankers and as a strategic military offensive against iraq; sadly, a us warship that was escorting kuwaiti tankers became ancillary damage. the us retaliated, reseized the gulf, brokered a truce, and handed control back to iraq … WE GAVE THE GULF TO SADAAM HUSSEIN. we also gave sadaam chemical weapons that he would later use against the kurds. iraq, btw, was the aggressor (provocateur) in that war; but by 1989, bush 81 was declaring that long term partnership with iraq was in the us best interest. maybe reagan was wrong, eh? maybe we were poking a bear in the zoo with iran?

    i didn’t insult you. i said that you were wrong on the facts. and that is troubling.

  9. BirishB commented on State of the Union almost 7 years ago

    I love popping into this page every so often to see how history has been rewritten.

    Jack … I must have been asleep that day in history class when they talked about the Iranian invasion of the US. Thanks for letting me know that “Iran has attacked this country every chance they get so why will they stop with an Atomic Bomb even if we can retaliate.”

    Courtesy of … Emet … we know now that Bush did not undo 8 years of negotiations and opt out of a nuclear nonproliferation agreement with North Korea. And we know that the famed “Axis of Evil” speech did not spur N Korea back into nuclear proliferation. Nope … that needless shot fired across the bow by Bush the 84th did not make us a powerful enemy in the Asian theater and certainly did not distract our diplomatic concerns that were concentrated in the Middle East.

    But courtesy of pschearer … we know that we continue to bungle N Korea. Right. Those 8 years of needless, senseless antagonism should certainly have been undone by now. And because Obama is unable to do the harm done by Bush, then he is “bungling” a situation and not stuck with a diplomatic nightmare.

    And for that Domino effect in SE Asia … well, actual history tells us that US-backed forces expelled the Cambodian government fighting Mr Pol Pot into submission; those governmental forces joined with Pol Pot to battle the US. In retaliation, the US bombed the bejesus out of Cambodia and N Vietnam, causing large displacement into Cambodia, so much so that the Cambodian people slipped into a Stockholm syndrome: the enemy of the force killing my friends shall be my friend. It was the Cambodian-Pol Pot alliance that walked into power in Cambodia and freely made cross-border attacks on US military, political and strategic instillations in South Vietnam; and it was that tide offensive that caused the pull out of Saigon in August 1975. In other words, US backed forces antagonized a relatively meaningless insurgency, deposed a stable sovereign power who later joined that insurgency, and it was that new alliance that eventually doomed the US in Vietnam. So, not only was there no threat of the the Red Domino Theory in Vietnam … there was no threat until the US set up the very dominoes that fell on top of itself.

    Interestingly, knocking down Afghanistan and destabilizing operations in Iraq; antagonizing an insurgency to join forces with former enemies (Hammas, Iran, Iraq) against a common enemy (US) … all sounds rather familiar.

    I guess Santayana was wrong. Those who do not know history are not doomed to repeat it. Instead, those who don’t know history just rewrite it, make the same mistakes, and then claim that zero precedent was available upon which to base wiser decisions.

  10. BirishB commented on State of the Union almost 7 years ago

    “I would not use that death causing UN-approved Swine Flu vaccine if I had to. Wasn’t it developed by the same company that sent out a live virus in the 70’s?”

    I think it is important to understand a few things about flu vaccine.

    The 1976 flu vaccine was given to about 46 million people; 25 people died as a result of vaccination and about 500 people developed Guillain-Barre syndrome. However, that was not due to a “live virus” … but caused by hypersensitivity to ingredients in the vaccine.

    In any case, Flu vaccine manufacturing is very different today. Much stricter standards. Much better understanding of the process.

    Flu vaccine starts with surveillance. There is no reliable and predictable way to predict which particular strains of influenza will circulate in a flu season. But scientists track and monitor activity of strains, and make a best guess at which ones will strike in the US.

    As a result, the efficacy and effectiveness of any vaccine given to people in the US depends on whether these experts were right or not.

    Once the strain is identified, it is grown. But no flu vaccine uses live virus. All of the virus used in injectable vaccine is dead virus – the disease causing portions have been engineered out. These viruses cannot cause influenza.

    There is one flu vaccine that uses an attenuated (or weakened virus) … and that is the intranasal vaccine Flumist. But that is not being used in pandemic preparedness, so that’s another story.

    The pandemic vaccine is manufactured the same way all flu vaccines are made: the selected virus is re-engineered to have all disease-causing material removed; the virus is grown in chicken eggs over a course of about 5 or 6 months; the resulting DEAD virus is collected from the chicken egg and manufactured into injectable shots.

    Once the dead virus is injected into humans, the recipient’s immune system recognizes the proteins in the dead virus as an invader and develops antibodies against the virus. Think of the vaccine strain as a punching bag and your immune system as a boxer. The boxer uses the punching bag to train just in case it has to get in the ring with the real thing. The immune system stockpiles antibodies and releases them in the presence of a real, live viral invasion.

    Some people are allergic to eggs, so they cannot get flu vaccine. Some people have a less effective immune system, and while their immune system is building response to the vaccine strain of the virus, they are simultaneously attacked by another virus – and not necessary flu. But, that person might get a cold or flu-LIKE symptoms and because of the timing, think that the vaccine caused the virus. In actuality, it is a coincidental attack, because the vaccine CANNOT cause influenza.

    The flu vaccine is not universally, absolutely safe. Nothing ever is. But actual influenza virus is far, far more harmful than the vaccine. For instance, about 35K to 50K people die each year from influenza virus.