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  1. Kip Peticolas commented on Nick Anderson over 1 year ago

    The only way to control these attacks on voter rights is to stick it out and vote. Unfortunately people who actually support democracy are the least likely to vote in any election. There must be a solution here before we accept the next Caesar. (KOCH???) The right wing fringe is more than happy to stand on line.

  2. Kip Peticolas commented on Tom Toles over 1 year ago

    Chapeaux to Tom Toles. Love to see HarleyQuinn still in turgid action- who has been going on so long that we can safely surmise he/she is bankrolled by the Kochs. And he/she probably gets to the voting booth. Liberals and progressives are the least likely to actually vote anywhere in this country (even Manhattan can have a dismal turnout.). I will continue to post this crank around the best editorial cartoonists.

  3. Kip Peticolas commented on Jen Sorensen over 1 year ago

    Great comments. Does everybody get out to or mail a ballot to VOTE. Things might change. Liberal thinking is the most absent in on the ground voting.

  4. Kip Peticolas commented on Ben Sargent about 3 years ago

    Dear Bobcat,
    You don’t get it. There is a difference between being on the ground in a real world and pontificating from a lawn chair. Fonda actually did things. The Syrian analogy is inane. Vietnam/ Ho Chi Minh wanted our support to set up a government with our constitution. We turned him down. Politics. We napalmed that country. Fonda was trashed because she was young and idealistic about peace making.

  5. Kip Peticolas commented on Ben Sargent about 3 years ago

    Cheers and thank you for pointing out that fact

  6. Kip Peticolas commented on Nick Anderson about 3 years ago

    Dear Nick Anderson, I think your talent as a cartoonist is awesome. This cartoon is vile and if you are not ashamed of it you have no soul.

  7. Kip Peticolas commented on Nick Anderson about 3 years ago

    Yes we still “hype?\” and blame Georgie for his brilliant childish simplicity and clever self saving strategies that allowed him to put us into the most wasteful of human life and national credit wars this country has ever seen for a goal that seemed to be related to his father being insulted by Saddam Hussein. Under his watch our once noble democracy has been smeared and excoriated by the western world for our torture policies. Under his watch the Social Security lockbox got pirated. None of the costs of war under Bush went into the budget. That cliff we are so scared of. But I think Tigger that you are a robot. Your name is too familiar. There is a Doonesbury cartoon about you.

  8. Kip Peticolas commented on Rob Rogers about 3 years ago

    When these so-called pro-life laws assure the children saved from abortion of daycare, decent education and breakfast I will take them seriously.

  9. Kip Peticolas commented on Drew Sheneman about 3 years ago

    And your employees all have huge luxuries, big cars, big houses and big cell phones, right? I am also a small business. I support the taxes I pay for my employees. I cover insurance. I am a very small business. I also have one full time and 2 part time. I support anything this government will do to preserves the investment I and my employees make for their welfare. Why are you mentioning rocket science?

  10. Kip Peticolas commented on Drew Sheneman about 3 years ago

    In what country do you live where medical care costs less than a tee shirt and jeans? I don’t see the cell phone or the car in this cartoon. And except in NYC, a car is not a luxury item. It is a way to get to work. Cell phones don’t cost a lot more than old landlines used to. Who are you Parkersfield? Why are you trying to snatch the rug out from anyone’s feet?