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  1. K M GoComics Pro Member commented on Reality Check about 10 hours ago

    It’s generally written as “Beep-Beep” (IIRC, FedEx even used to use it as a promo, 1-800-Beep-Beep [although you’d only be able to dial Beep-Bee]); but it’s always voiced as “Meep-Meep.”

  2. K M GoComics Pro Member commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 10 hours ago

    Sounds like Her Maj’s vowel movement needs a little Imodium.

  3. K M GoComics Pro Member commented on Herb and Jamaal about 10 hours ago

    Isn’t that what brothers are for?

  4. K M GoComics Pro Member commented on Heart of the City about 10 hours ago

    About 30 years ago, a local fireworks display got off to a very bad (and boring) start. Seems like there was a lapse of about five minutes between each shell. People in the audience began to realize that debris from the shells — including embers — were falling among the spectators. After about 20 minutes, an announcement was made that the fireworks were cancelled and everyone should go home. The next day on the news, it was apparent that there were bigger problems than debris and embers falling into the crowd. Fire marshal inspectors found live rounds where the crowds were sitting, and UXO atop the nearby high school building. Major malfunction. We were lucky no one was injured and that there was no catastrophic explosion of shells on the ground.

  5. K M GoComics Pro Member commented on For Better or For Worse about 10 hours ago

    Regardless of the apparent swimsuit third panel from the end, this actually happened to a friend of mine, and we were in Chincoteague, VA, while home was north of Baltimore. We got all the way there, she realized she’d packed swimsuits for her kids but forgot her own. Husband called his office, instructed one of his workers (who was also a personal friend of the family and apparently taking care of the pets, as she had a key to the house) where to look in the house for her swimsuit, and to bring it to the office, put it into an overnight FedEx box and ship it to them at the beach. She had the swimsuit in roughly 24 hours.

  6. K M GoComics Pro Member commented on Big Top about 11 hours ago

    Went to a birthday party years ago for a distant relative of the wife. Live band. Two songs into the gig, someone at the party screamed “FREEEEEBIRRRRRRRRRRRRRD!” Turned to the wife and said, “Yep, the rednecks are out early tonight!”

  7. K M GoComics Pro Member commented on Stone Soup 1 day ago

    Are those tongues hanging out of their mouths or buck teeth?

  8. K M GoComics Pro Member commented on Rubes 1 day ago

    The tableau reminds me of an old “Far Side” cartoon where one guy at the campfire says to another, “Hey, why don’t you pull that thing out of your pocket and play us a tune?” And the other guy has an eight-foot concert grand piano in his back pocket.

  9. K M GoComics Pro Member commented on Reality Check 1 day ago

    How come it’s always rednecks? My wife showed me a video today where a city kid shoved a firework UP HIS NOSE and lit it!

  10. K M GoComics Pro Member commented on Ginger Meggs 1 day ago

    I see the boys went back and freed Aggie.