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  1. knitterknerd commented on Dilbert Classics 10 days ago

    I tend to agree. On the other hand, if they’re exactly like other words, why use them, knowing people will be offended? Although this often isn’t the case, many times, they’re used for the purpose of being offensive, which certainly doesn’t help. (Of course, terms that use the name of God are an exception. People do have a genuine reason for being offended by those.)

    Personally, I choose not to use them at all, but I don’t mind people who do. Still, it seems to me that the polite thing to do is to reserve them for places they are accepted. When people do otherwise, it implies they aren’t concerned about being polite to others, whether it’s true or not.

    I missed whatever people are suddenly so upset about, so don’t take this as commentary on that situation. It’s just a general observation.

  2. knitterknerd commented on Dilbert Classics 22 days ago

    I think I had one gym teacher ever who was actually like this. My high school gym teacher was perfectly nice everywhere except in class.

    Example: We were required to run 20 minutes at a time at least once a week without slowing down to walk. She was especially hard on my friend with asthma. Her asthma wasn’t under control even when she wasn’t in gym class, and all her teachers knew it. One day, my friend decided to push herself to teach this teacher a lesson. After she had an asthma attack in class and the paramedics had to be called, she eased up just a little.

    We also regularly played battle ball (similar to dodge ball with several balls at once) with volleyballs. Those of us who weren’t athletically inclined were bruised on a regular basis.

  3. knitterknerd commented on FoxTrot Classics 6 months ago

    Yes, on fountain drinks. But for whatever reason, root beer is rarely a fountain drink. (I tried to look up why, but my Google-fu failed me.) It typically comes in a bottle, without free refills.

  4. knitterknerd commented on Basic Instructions about 1 year ago

    Granted, I haven’t seen all of Star Wars (which I recently started correcting), but I don’t understand why there would be a question. Star Wars doesn’t have Captain Picard.

  5. knitterknerd commented on Basic Instructions about 1 year ago

    After working with smart phones for close to two years, I don’t think I’ve found anything that won’t come off a screen with rubbing alcohol and a lens cloth.

  6. knitterknerd commented on Dilbert Classics about 2 years ago

    It’s not a decision, is it? There’s a correct answer, and the answer is a fact. That’s like asking who decides if Earth is flat or round. (Although someone could certainly say the creator of Earth decided, but that’s beside the point.) There’s a right answer, even if we can’t prove which one is right.

  7. knitterknerd commented on Dilbert Classics about 2 years ago

    To engineers, like Dilbert, the glass isn’t half full or half empty, it’s just twice as big as it needs to be. I think we can safely say the canyon is smaller than it needs to be.

  8. knitterknerd commented on FoxTrot Classics over 2 years ago

    I learned the definition of the word invincible because it was in my Game Genie book. That and infinite. See? Video games are educational!

  9. knitterknerd commented on FoxTrot over 2 years ago

    Jason mentioned football uniforms.

  10. knitterknerd commented on FoxTrot Classics over 2 years ago

    I like both! It’s easier to eat for breakfast with milk, but it makes a better snack when it’s dry. Of course, it depends on the cereal, too.