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  1. yless commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 7 days ago

    Very well put, bravo!

  2. yless commented on Bad Machinery 7 days ago

    Get a password manager, like LastPass, Dashlane, etc then get it to auto-login to any sites you want. Also they are essential to generate secure passwords.

  3. yless commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago

    Welcome back, the master of poetry, Av9! Where’s Gweedo?

  4. yless commented on Soup to Nutz 7 days ago

    Anybody knows who are the characters on the wall pics?

  5. yless commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 12 days ago

    The “101 Dalmatians” fact: The most inane, useless info ever displayed anywhere! Believe It Or Not!

  6. yless commented on Cleo and Company 12 days ago

    From yesterday: Thanks nighthawks and mabrndt, your replies for my suggestion for a start button on animated Cleo strips, were very appreciated! This is the best commenters section on any strip on this site, the creators and posters are always nice and very funny. No trolls in sight, what a relief from most commenters sections on the internet!

  7. yless commented on Cleo and Company 13 days ago

    Nighthawks just a suggestion, I wish the animated strips came with a start button so it began when we clicked on it. The way it is, the animation is already going on when we arrive on the page, and I see the punchline before the beginning.Love your comic, one of the best on GoComics.

  8. yless commented on FoxTrot Classics 14 days ago

    This dog reminds me of “I Dream of Jeanie”, little invisible but sometimes visible dog Djinn Djinn( I don’t know the spelling).

  9. yless commented on Wallace the Brave 15 days ago

    I love the art on this comic! One of the best draw strips on this site. Also I’m glad it’s coming more frequently now.

  10. yless commented on Charmys Army 17 days ago

    Why doesn’t this and some other comics don’t have zoom?
    Is it the choice of the creators or gocomics fault?