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  1. openly black commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    The Farm Bill didn’t pass … that means that thousands of poor American children will go hungry.

    Nicely played Mr. Boehner … nicely played.

  2. openly black commented on Tom Toles about 4 years ago

    In the end, as I read some of the childish nonsense conservative posters write here, I feel obliged to respond in kind:

    Yo …the “Whites Only” sign has been permanently removed from the Oval Office door … nah nah nah boo boo !

  3. openly black commented on Jack Ohman about 4 years ago

    Correct! As the Republican Senate Minority Leader McConnell has the leadership role … Boehner is the Weeper of the House.

  4. openly black commented on Jack Ohman about 4 years ago

    … quit trippin’ … you aren’t the only ones armed

  5. openly black commented on Clay Bennett about 4 years ago

    The comments here are often more revealing about the the twists of the American psyche than even the political cartoonists can imagine.

    It’s interesting to hear those who so cavalierly dismiss the the implications of registered voters having to produce an “approved” photo ID in order to vote scream bloody murder about having to pay a penalty or not having healthcare insurance:
    “It’s not a penalty!! It’s a tax!!”
    “It’s government intruding on my right to essentially have the rest of you pay for my ER visit!!”
    “It’s socialized medicine!!”
    “That Muslim Kenyan in the White House is a Nazi!!”

    The sky is falling; the sky is falling!!!

  6. openly black commented on Clay Bennett about 4 years ago

    In my experience most deniers … particularly those that conflate weather with climate as a means of dismissing the threat … definitely have their heads stuck some where … but it ain’t in the sand.

  7. openly black commented on Tom Toles over 4 years ago

    “Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to agree with people and their beliefs to defend them from injustice.”

    Bryant H. McGill

  8. openly black commented on Stuart Carlson over 4 years ago

    The rightwing nuts refuse to give Obama credit for killing bin-Laden. He either wasn’t the the plan’s originator or not the one who gave the “okay” or was just following up on something Dubya and Darth Cheney started or was simply too incompetent to have been involved. Of course, if the raid had failed, these same rightwing nuts would have screamed bloody “impeachment!”

    If Obama could actually walk on water the rightwing nuts would complain that he couldn’t swim.


  9. openly black commented on Tim Eagan over 4 years ago

    One way to avoid the nonsense spouted by the the theist mind readers is to take responsibility for ones beliefs.

    Deism: The belief that God has created the universe but remains apart from it and permits his creation to administer itself through natural laws. Deism thus rejects the supernatural aspects of religion, such as belief in revelation in the Bible, and stresses the importance of ethical conduct. In the eighteenth century, numerous important thinkers held deist beliefs.

  10. openly black commented on Pat Oliphant over 4 years ago

    You have confused what you think is the “left’s plan” with what is in fact the rights reality.