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  1. Jogger2 commented on Frank & Ernest 1 day ago

    Quantum physics joke, having to do with wave-particle duality.

  2. Jogger2 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 9 days ago

    There was a report a few months ago about legacy systems in used by the federal government. http://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-16-696T

  3. Jogger2 commented on Luann 9 days ago

    I thought Toni’s Tatoo was temporary.

  4. Jogger2 commented on Gasoline Alley 10 days ago

    My Cousin Vinny had the same problem.

  5. Jogger2 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 13 days ago

    Presumably, they mean “every square inch”, not every (linear) inch.

  6. Jogger2 commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 14 days ago

    In the late 1970s, I saw a map of Orange County, CA. There was an area with street names like “This-a Way”, “That-a Way”, “Up-a Way”, “Out-a Way” …

  7. Jogger2 commented on Nancy 15 days ago

    All thee are cruciferous, and help reduce the chance of getting cancer. But, she should have more variety in veggies.

  8. Jogger2 commented on Brewster Rockit 16 days ago

    If you see someone while walking or otherwise engrossed with a mobile device, say “Don’t walk into a bear” to remind them they should be attentive to what’s around them. The explanation for that can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYsAkjfXxzU

  9. Jogger2 commented on Peanuts Begins 18 days ago

    Grates with openings that ran parallel to the street used to be a danger to bicyclists. That wasn’t fixed until the 1980s. Also, wearing helmets while ridding a bicycle was rare before 1980.

  10. Jogger2 commented on Gasoline Alley 21 days ago

    From last week, we know Amy is away visiting her sister, and Amy doesn’t like camping. Also, one of the kids is in medical school, the other is in the Coast Guard.