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  1. Lex J commented on Buni 3 months ago

    No one died, nothing got broken, and Buni didn’t have his heart broken. What is this madness?

  2. Lex J commented on The Buckets 4 months ago

    Um, is that necessary in a forum like this? Let’s keep discussion here to the comic strips, not editorial opinions.

  3. Lex J commented on Banana Triangle 4 months ago

    The “where does random stuff on this island come from” question continues to fascinate me… So Scotty actually has 3 pairs (or more?) of undies? Rosemary now has pearls? Not to mention the ironing board and iron that isn’t plugged into anything! I really do love this comic!

  4. Lex J commented on Frazz 7 months ago

    I totally agree, bigpuma! “Oh look, how surprising, it’s another pretentious Frazz humble-brag, trying to show much more fit and better he is than everyone else!”

  5. Lex J commented on The Buckets 9 months ago

    As someone who has worn such costumes before, I can attest that the last panel can be accurate if not cleaned properly! Pretty soon it will be 125 degrees in there, too!

  6. Lex J commented on Banana Triangle 9 months ago

    Love the sharks! Always great to see them make an appearance!

  7. Lex J commented on F Minus 9 months ago

    I just LOVE this comic!

  8. Lex J commented on Frazz 10 months ago

    I generally really like this comic, but the pretentiousness about fitness stuff has been taking over lately…

  9. Lex J commented on Banana Triangle 10 months ago

    So Tom has the suitcase full of drugs and Nurse Donna has his pants… Is he going back to try and find the other suitcase?

  10. Lex J commented on Big Nate about 1 year ago

    Guys give each other wedgies as a sick and twisted form of expressing friendship!