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  1. Alessandro Abate commented on Jim Morin about 1 year ago

    Wow, you are very stupid. Did someone type this crap for you? Because someone with your intellectual capacity surely can’t operate a keyboard.

  2. Alessandro Abate commented on Zack Hill almost 3 years ago

    That’s it this comic is gone, buh bye.

  3. Alessandro Abate commented on Jim Morin about 3 years ago

    I suppose the 8 years under Dumbya were nirvana. Nothing but laughs, wine and roses. But as soon as we try to give poor people access to healthcare the end of the world is nigh.

  4. Alessandro Abate commented on Working Daze about 4 years ago

    Plu-eeeze! Disney could not possibly crap on Star Wars more than George Lucas himself did. The prequels were absolute crap. The scripts were awful, the performances just as bad and there were no compelling characters. The prequels were long, overproduced commercials for toys and video games.

    Lucas demonstrated that he had lost touch with what made Star Wars great when he edited A New Hope and made Greedo shoot first. It has been downhill ever since for Star Wars. I think that the best thing that could happen to Star Wars was for Lucas to sell it to anyone else. Hell, Star Wars would have been better off if Lucas had burned all prints and negatives rather than inflict any more damage to the franchise.

    Lucas doesn’t have what it takes anymore. Peter Jackson is the new George Lucas. Maybe Disney could convince Peter Jackson to revive Star Wars and make a decent film that actually has decent characters and a compelling story.

  5. Alessandro Abate commented on Drew Sheneman about 4 years ago

    @conservegov you mean a man that was born with a diamond encrusted platinum spoon in his mouth, has never faced any real hardship in his life and is completely incapable of relating to regular people? That doesn’t sound at all like a leader, that sounds like a much worse choice than Dumbya.

  6. Alessandro Abate commented on Jim Morin over 5 years ago

    You are an idiot. Scott has been as good to Florida as earthquakes, tsunamis & nuclear radiation have been to Japan, only worse.

  7. Alessandro Abate commented on Jim Morin almost 6 years ago

    Is anarchy the same as well regulated?

  8. Alessandro Abate commented on Jim Morin almost 6 years ago

    At least someone besides Big Business will profit from Rick Scott. The citizens of Florida are in for 4 rough years.

  9. Alessandro Abate commented on Jim Morin almost 6 years ago

    The top 2% pay 50% of the taxes? Maybe in Mars but certainly not in the USA.

  10. Alessandro Abate commented on Jim Morin about 6 years ago

    @howgozit If you are unemployed, you are in a deep depression. This is a very weak, emphasis on the very weak, jobless recovery plus there is a threat of a double dip recession. Technical definitions of recession are meaningless when you can’t find a job.

    @libertarian1 very few people make over $250K. Most Americans make much less than $250K. The median household income for 2008 was $50K. 97% of American households make less than $250K. If you are making more than 97% of your fellow citizens, you are rich. We we need is a progressive tax rate that grows with income. A $300K household should have a lover rate than a $3 Million household.