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  1. j gray commented on Prickly City 2 days ago


    that is true.. those with evil in their hears watch fox news.. usually with a stop watch and note pad, desperately trying to find something to smear them with. what is amazing is that they can watch the programs without actually listening to what is said.

    progressives just cannot stand the fact that there is an information outlet they cannot control.

    were in not for fox, we would still be told that benghazi was all about a video…..

  2. j gray commented on Prickly City 3 days ago

    given that there might be some Right turns on the trip, it is best she not drive.

  3. j gray commented on Prickly City 4 days ago

    darn that old Fox News…

    maligning Mrs. Clinton..

    heck, if it wasn’t for Fox, we would STILL think that Benghazi was about a video

  4. j gray commented on Prickly City 7 days ago

    transparency means hiding what you are doing, lying when you get caught and crying racists when you are confronted about it

    specific legal wording is now considered vague enough for wide interpretation to match what people think we should feel

    science is no longer based on evidence leading to a conclusion, but rather manipulation of data to match the desired conclusion

  5. j gray commented on Prickly City 8 days ago

    or, if you are a deep and true liberal, it would be

    i want the old normal when my wife COULDN’T vote

  6. j gray commented on Candorville 8 days ago


    we would also not have the Clean Water Act or Endangered species act (signed by the replublicans), and there is a good chance we would not have had the housing bubble crash of the last decade without carter and clinton pushing banks to give loans to people who could not afford it

  7. j gray commented on Prickly City 14 days ago

    facts have such a liberal bias….


    minorities are inferior and cannot get by without government help?


    women are being subjugated by the conservatives (never mind that the WH and Hillary campaign consistantly pay women less than men for the same job, and PLEASE don’t remember how Bill treats women)

    oh, and this one

    the planet is entering an ice age because of man made gases.. oh, wait, we meant warming period, no, that isnt working out… it is a pause due to conflicting gas natures,.. darn it, maybe it is going to mean wilder, more violent weather all the time?,, missed again.. ok, let us adjust the data to match our conclusion, and then call everyone who points that out racists and ignorant.

  8. j gray commented on Candorville 19 days ago

    actually, it was

    and he drew his weapon when the young men rushed towards him, and then holstered it when they withdrew.

  9. j gray commented on Prickly City 20 days ago

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, laughingstock is what we have….

    i seriously doubt Mr. Putin has any respect for Mr. obama. based on russia’s actions, sure seems like a lot of contempt

  10. j gray commented on Candorville 20 days ago

    And millions of us knew that obamacare would NOT bring down health costs, or that you could NOT keep your doctor, or your policy….. just as millions of us know that once obamacare is completely implemented later this year, things will go downhill from there. but apparently that is racist to say…