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  1. j gray commented on Prickly City 4 days ago

    but for some reason, liberal comics, making fun of Sarah Palin as a moronic pit bull, is funny….

    don’t bother explaining.. i have had my fill of self serving hypocrisy today.. just watched 20 minutes of msnbc

  2. j gray commented on Prickly City 12 days ago

    but. on the plus side, nasa is going out of their way to make sure muslim scientists feel good about themselves

  3. j gray commented on Prickly City 13 days ago

    darson, if you had bothered to ever read this comic without the paralyzing bigotry that most liberal have, you would know that Carmen has ALWAYS known that liberals have a point. it is just to often that their point is mired in ignorance and bigotry….

    you know…. kind of like your comment.

  4. j gray commented on Prickly City 14 days ago

    ok, i cannot wait to see how the pro-lib trolls spin this one to be tea party hate

  5. j gray commented on Prickly City 19 days ago

    The Dems want it to be a democracy….. when it suits their purpose. when it doesn’t, then the majority who oppose them are racists who should shut up…

  6. j gray commented on Prickly City 21 days ago

    we were… for most of the last 6 years….

  7. j gray commented on Brewster Rockit 21 days ago

    interesting comments by the alien. now that i look closer, it DOES sort of resemble Debbie Wasserman – Schultz, from last week, of course

  8. j gray commented on Candorville 23 days ago

    it is going to be even more interesting to watch all the “tolerant” progressives whine about how it is only due to overt racism and sexism that they lost, not due to their policies or refusal to consider compromise

  9. j gray commented on Candorville 26 days ago

    somehow, it is racist to make sure that the people who vote are who they say they are. next thing you know, it will be considered racist to expect people to only vote once.

  10. j gray commented on Prickly City about 1 month ago

    you forgot to mention msnbc, eric holder, president obama, nancy pelosi, harry reid, and all liberal whiners who are too stupid to see the fault in their reflections.