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  1. j gray commented on Non Sequitur about 9 hours ago

    Mr. Cruz lead a fight against that ACA, Mr. Obama shut down the government, leading to the lowering of our credit rating by refusing to negotiate.

    He will negotiate with terrorists, trading 5 taliban leaders for 1 deserter. He will negotiate with terrorist funders, such as Iran, but he will not talk to fellow Americans just because they are conservatives..

    the difference? I think it is because he does not agree with the conservatives.

  2. j gray commented on Non Sequitur about 9 hours ago

    let us not forget

    If you Like Your Doctor, You can Keep Your Doctor


    Running up a total debt of $7T is Unpatriotic (while running up more debt than all other presidents combined)

    as for the sill comment about Mr. Cruz (the guy that did NOT hide his birth certificate for 3 years)

    He is required by LAW to buy health insurance. going through his work site does not make him hypocritical, it means he is following the law that should apply to everyone..

    it just means he is NOT a progressive who think that laws only apply to other people

  3. j gray commented on Prickly City 4 days ago

    The only reason it is available is because he is a Republican. If he were a Dem or at least an openly demonstrative Progressive, it would considered normal, and no one would have heard about it.

    How big a check did Harry reid write when it was found out he was funneling campaign money to his daughters business?

  4. j gray commented on Stone Soup 7 days ago

    wacky politics, corruption, failing infrastructure and baboons….

    Grandma could come home and have all that… especially if she moved to CA or NJ

  5. j gray commented on Prickly City 7 days ago

    If you read Carmens line in the first panel carefully, it is painfully obvious they are discussing the Clintons

  6. j gray commented on Candorville 10 days ago

    I wonder, will we delve into whether the 109 was signed prior to Ms. Clinton leaving office (the form that states she has turned over ALL correspondences)? If she signed it, she committed a felony, if she didn’t, the State department screwed up.

    wonder which it will be

  7. j gray commented on Prickly City 24 days ago

    how dare ANYONE think that just because someone in Congress Demanded to vote for something (the second vote on the Iraq war), that they should in any way be held to that vote.

    Especially when it is someone like Mrs. Clinton, who 5 year earlier, was spouting the exact same information which was used to justify the war.

    What I cannot figure out, how is it that she, supposedly the smartest woman on the planet, was wrong when she said it, and Mr. Bush was lying

  8. j gray commented on Prickly City 25 days ago

    Interesting timing… Mr. obama did not ask for war powers when he bombed libya, leading to the overthrow a ghadafi, and all of the chaos that followed… wonder why he is starting to follow the constitution now?

  9. j gray commented on Big Nate 29 days ago

    wonder how long it will take the anti-religion trolls to start on nate

  10. j gray commented on Prickly City about 1 month ago

    can’t wait for the trolls to pile on Stantis for the anti-gay remark in the last panel.