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  1. omniman commented on Dog Eat Doug 19 days ago

    I think the cats are just seen from Sophie’s point of view; inherently sinister and unpredictable, with the most evil intentions Sophie can imagine.

  2. omniman commented on Candorville 19 days ago

    When they learn to use can openers, we will no longer be necessary!

  3. omniman commented on Candorville 23 days ago

    Some of the people who become cops do so in order to intimidate, beat-up and shoot people with impunity. They always use the greatest amount of force they can get away with, making all cops look bad through the eyes of the media.
    Running from a traffic stop seems stupid to me, but jumping on the hood of a car with people inside that you think are shooting at you seems more so, (unless you don’t really think they’re armed,)

  4. omniman commented on Dinosaur Comics about 1 month ago

    Lots of crazy racists hate other crazy racists. Crazy racists come in all races.

  5. omniman commented on Nick and Zuzu about 1 month ago

    Those glasses are both twice as big as they need to be.

  6. omniman commented on Dinosaur Comics 2 months ago

    Sort of like “orthopeadic.”

  7. omniman commented on Dinosaur Comics 4 months ago

    \o/ \O/ I guess it does look a little hooray-ish, like someone with their arms in the air.

  8. omniman commented on The Boondocks 5 months ago

    Would ‘Cops’ ever show one that got away? I thought the whole point of that program was to make cops look cool.

  9. omniman commented on Nick and Zuzu 5 months ago

    Passive-aggressive karma.

  10. omniman commented on Dinosaur Comics 6 months ago

    Science keeps saying that things are “impossible”, or “nonexistant”, then finding out that they are wrong, then using the same absolutist words about something else!