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  1. katisha commented on Cul de Sac over 3 years ago

    Floccillation – n.
    a purposeless compulsive picking at one’s clothing or bedding, as in delirium.

  2. katisha commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 7 years ago

    All this talk of Kliban’s mousie song reminded me of Mason Williams (yes, I’m OLD) and his Them Poems. E.g.: How ‘bout them tummy gummers, ain’t they dummies? Havin’ they fun of gummin’ their tummies. Gummin’ them haunches out of they mind. Runnin’ ‘round shoutin’, “It’s tummy gummin’ time!” Lookit them tummy gummers, lurkin’ in the yard, waitin’ for a jelly belly, catch it off guard. Them hell-bent tummy gummers, ain’t they dummocks? Runnin’ through the neighborhood, gummin’ them stomachs. How to be a tummy gummer, no way to shun it. Grab an abdomen and rear off and gum it!

  3. katisha commented on MythTickle over 7 years ago

    First panel - tribute to Dr. Seuss! Lovely.

  4. katisha commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 7 years ago

    Gweedo, I think your resolution broke itself.

  5. katisha commented on MythTickle almost 8 years ago

    Wasps’ nest. Not beehive.