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  1. John Adams commented on Working Daze over 2 years ago

    Gravity is a GREAT chick flick. Well, it’s got a great chick in it, at least.

    I enjoyed reading the Hunger Games books. That surprised me because usually I’m opposed to the idea of kids murdering each other for a reality show. We haven’t seen Catching Fire yet, but as long as Jennifer Lawrence is still cast as Katniss they can’t go too far wrong. (She’s also a good actress, and a pretty decent human being too.)

  2. John Adams commented on Drabble over 2 years ago

    We had two bases: Home and the far base. You had to get to the far base and back without the ball touching you. There were never any doubts about being touched, because the ball would be flung at you about 90 mph and it hurt like the devil when it hit. The smaller kids were sometimes knocked off their feet by the impact. I cleverly avoided all that by always kicking directly to a member of the other team, so I never needed to run anywhere.

  3. John Adams commented on PreTeena almost 3 years ago

    @hltrim52: Yep.

  4. John Adams commented on Drabble almost 3 years ago

    Popcorn balls? Love ’em. The big scares back in the day were mostly hype and hoax. Check it out on Snopes.

  5. John Adams commented on Working Daze almost 3 years ago

    Debit cards are too easy to scam, from what I’ve seen, unless a PIN is required — which it too often isn’t. And there’s the hold put against your bank account, that can be for an arbitrary amount that’s significantly greater than the amount being paid. It only takes a few of those and the card is useless for a while.

  6. John Adams commented on Working Daze almost 3 years ago

    Mark up another one who’s never seen Office Space. Hey, I don’t expect to get ALL of the jokes. Every cartoonist — occasionally — plays to a niche audience. Heck, stuff like Zippy the Pinhead ALWAYS plays to a niche audience.

  7. John Adams commented on Stone Soup about 3 years ago

    Here in Texas, we like August, but that’s just because it means that we only have three months of Summer left.

  8. John Adams commented on PreTeena about 3 years ago

    Mostly it just sounds like somebody involved with LtPowers cereal had a Depends accident this morning. And frankly, the folks in that parade look like ROTC cadets rather than active duty / reservists. The uniforms are wrong, and so is the arm swing and hand position. I’m just being picky there.

    And I WAS a real LT. (And CPT, and MAJ, if that matters to ya.) Now I’m a real civilian.

  9. John Adams commented on The Argyle Sweater about 3 years ago

    I must have been especially dense today, although I think this may have been stretching things a little bit too far? The most puzzling thing so far is Bruno’s hint. I know what a louse larva is called, but as best I can tell it has zero to do with the joke.

  10. John Adams commented on Stone Soup about 3 years ago

    . I’m not at all fond of the “Gotta love August” strips either. Who loves night-time lows around 90 degrees? This week is shaping up to be all 100 degree plus days. Yuck!!