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  1. Joe Evans commented on U.S. Acres about 1 month ago

    Ched beck!

  2. Joe Evans commented on Lucky Cow 5 months ago

    Sometimes the honesty and ingenuity of this strip makes me want to hurl the last three meals I ate at my computer screen.

  3. Joe Evans commented on Lucky Cow 7 months ago

    Amen! Starting salaries for teachers here in NE average around $32,000. Not much to raise a family on.

  4. Joe Evans commented on Calvin and Hobbes 7 months ago

    This is one of the big reasons I’ve loved Calvin for the last 20+ years. The intelligence, wit, and humanity of the characters is unparalleled in today’s strips.

  5. Joe Evans commented on Lucky Cow 8 months ago

    If you blow it up you can kind of make out that it says “with apologies to Bil Keene” by Pett’s signature.

  6. Joe Evans commented on Arlo and Janis 9 months ago

    Walking past your own house isn’t so bad. I’ve watched kids walk into poles while playing on devices.

  7. Joe Evans commented on Lucky Cow 10 months ago

    I like these! The other comics on the page (and the odd titles here and there) are often funnier than the ones in the spotlight.

  8. Joe Evans commented on Cornered 10 months ago

    I do believe your comment may be funnier than the comic!

  9. Joe Evans commented on Pooch Cafe 11 months ago

    Did they travel back in time? Or do they live near a train museum?

  10. Joe Evans commented on Lucky Cow 11 months ago

    Great! Now I want one.