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  1. jeff riese commented on Prickly City about 3 years ago

    “stoopid” and “Tea Party” both mean the same thing. Coincidence?

  2. jeff riese commented on Wizard of Id over 3 years ago

    the latest data from NEAP shows that achievement is increasing and minorities are closing the gap. I blame teachers, too.

  3. jeff riese commented on Arlo and Janis over 3 years ago

    Bravo, Mikefrom MI

  4. jeff riese commented on Prickly City over 3 years ago

    Flunked Pol. Sci 101 I see. Try reading what Il Duce really said instead of believing what pathetic losers on Faux Noise tell you.

  5. jeff riese commented on Prickly City almost 4 years ago

    you can tell who is a conservative, but you cannot tell them much. In other words, conservatives know a lot – most of it is wrong.

  6. jeff riese commented on Agnes almost 4 years ago

    Most Xmas’ I received a pkg. of socks, a pkg. of underwear, an apple, and an orange, and, if it was a really special year, a $5-$10 toy, so I’m there with you, Agnes.

  7. jeff riese commented on Robert Ariail about 5 years ago

    Yes, skipcarlsen, it is just you. These accusations are from the time cain was the ceo of the NRA. They are just now coming to light for the general public. The settlement payments were made some time ago.