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  1. kauri44 commented on Luann 1 day ago

    I agree with you, PipeTobacco, and think you’ve most likely picked up on the actual point of this arc.

  2. kauri44 commented on Luann 5 days ago

    I actually thought the “jock” showed courage by admitting he didn’t know something (unlike the rest of the class) and the teacher gave him credit for that. This may just be a stereotypical pompous art teacher but I hope there’s a positive twist to this story.

  3. kauri44 commented on Candorville 6 days ago

    Actually Meryl played a male rabbi in Angels in America (one of three parts she played, including Ethel Rosenberg). And now that I think about it, Cate Blanchett played a historical male figure – Bob Dylan.

  4. kauri44 commented on Luann Againn 27 days ago

    Even then Delta was speaking like an adult…

  5. kauri44 commented on Get Fuzzy 2 months ago

    I miss Rob’s friend Joe. He got along well with Bucky and Satchel, as I recall.

  6. kauri44 commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 2 months ago

    I agree, DOSQueen. Every woman I know has experienced this at some point in their lives. It’s not flattering – it’s both exhausting and frightening.

  7. kauri44 commented on Kliban's Cats 2 months ago

    And thus a cat food ad jingle was born.

  8. kauri44 commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 3 months ago

    If you haven’t seen the Daily Show’s take on the video and its fallout, this is well worth watching and pretty funny:

  9. kauri44 commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 3 months ago

    If I knew Pab I’d share with him the experiences of virtually all of the women I grew up with about what it was like to endure a daily gauntlet of harassment just from walking down the street without being on the arm of a man. That video was a mild version of what my friends and I went through in the 1970’s even when we were well underage and just walking to a movie downtown. We learned very quickly not to respond because any interaction could be interpreted as encouragement, although ignoring them also could make them angry, sometimes dangerously so. It was terrifying, particularly day after day. Cars of men would slow down, open their doors and call things out to me as a matter of course. (And btw, I was just an ordinary looking girl in jeans and a turtleneck.) I still have a vivid memory of my first date with a boy, because we walked down the main drag of town and it was the only time that instead of the series of catcalls I usually got I was met with total silence, the way any man would expect when he walked down a street. It became obvious that all of those “friendly” men stopped talking to me because they now considered me someone’s property.

    I realize to men who have not experienced this sort thing it can be hard to believe, or you believe that somehow the women are overreacting to what are supposed to be compliments. But we never knew which of these guys might intend real harm and I remember a girlfriend and I in college having to literally flee into the backstage area of a theatre to escape a couple of scary middle aged men who were pursuing us and catcalling us down the street. But I thought my experience was something from the past, and it is sad to see that nothing has changed for young women today.

  10. kauri44 commented on Luann 3 months ago

    I remember the concept of people sleeping over in dorm rooms after parties so common that I found the situation with Piro annoying but not particularly threatening. I do hope that Dez eventually shows up and is not an eternal phantom.