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  1. sfreader1 commented on The Dinette Set about 15 hours ago

    They are modeled after real life people. Must have been my in-laws!

  2. sfreader1 commented on Pluggers 1 day ago

    But how often do they return the favor? I am sure that your mail gets put into the wrong box as well. I know mine has! Once, someone else got my rebate card from Menards and they actually used it. Wish I knew who it was.

  3. sfreader1 commented on Close to Home 4 days ago

    I know. My mother used one of those things when she was working as a bookkeeper back in 1945 to 1951.

  4. sfreader1 commented on Ben 8 days ago

    The one good reason I do not double dip (I live alone) is because any of my mouth bacteria could start “digesting” the dip and it would turn watery. I found this out the hard way, so now I never double dip anywhere.

  5. sfreader1 commented on Speed Bump 9 days ago

    You are SO right. If we had to eat any of those unmodified plants or animals, there might be fewer of us because there wasn’t enough food to go around for 7 Billion.

  6. sfreader1 commented on The Dinette Set 9 days ago

    Did not know that you and my son Mike were acquainted. He is 53 today!

  7. sfreader1 commented on Agnes 10 days ago

    There is that other type that comes folded in a package. You can use them the same as the rolled up ones.

  8. sfreader1 commented on Pickles 18 days ago

    I do that occasionally, but on the couch, not the chair. I think the chair would fall over if I did.

  9. sfreader1 commented on Grand Avenue 24 days ago

    I wear white all year long, and I’m not talking about just my hair.

  10. sfreader1 commented on The Dinette Set about 1 month ago

    You are right. My in-laws were like that, but not QUITE as bad.