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  1. Grildobkin commented on Warped 2 months ago

    He probably dragged his mom to the gift shop. Or would that be treat shop?

  2. Grildobkin commented on Cattitude — Doggonit 3 months ago

    I think that cat eats more than the dog does.

  3. Grildobkin commented on WaynoVision 3 months ago

    Starting with THAT guy.

  4. Grildobkin commented on That is Priceless 3 months ago

    Richard Dreyfus in his Tony winning turn as “Michelangelo! The Musical!”

  5. Grildobkin commented on Bad Machinery 4 months ago

    Apparently baby Tarzan needs some new play friends, so Mama went to get some.

  6. Grildobkin commented on Wondermark 5 months ago

    I am guessing this is hilarious. But as I don’t get it, I can’t say for sure.

  7. Grildobkin commented on That is Priceless 5 months ago

    The opening number of Disney’s new “The Little Mermaid King”.

  8. Grildobkin commented on WaynoVision 8 months ago

    Poisonous Achtung stole my thunder, but mine was slightly different. Points go to him.
    My name is Idaho Montoya. You pared my father, prepare to fry.

  9. Grildobkin commented on Dragon Girl 9 months ago

    Jeff, let me first say, the artwork on this strip/graphic novel is amazing.
    But I find myself wondering why Cedric didn’t try to land a bit closer to the silver.

  10. Grildobkin commented on Dragon Girl 9 months ago

    Nothing like an anodized knight statue to bring up one’s property values.

    And yes, I know, anodizing is done more with aluminum than with silver, but I didn’t want to say ‘plated knight’, since he already is plated.