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  1. Gray commented on Truth Facts 22 days ago

    Here in the south, it would just read pine all the way around.

  2. Gray commented on The Born Loser 27 days ago

    He who controls the spice…

  3. Gray commented on Speed Bump 30 days ago

    Is he from Lick-en-stein?

  4. Gray commented on Scary Gary about 1 month ago

    He kind alright, just not ‘our’ kind.

  5. Gray commented on Free Range about 1 month ago

    I’m surprised there isn’t one with a lawyer.
    The sign would read “Have you or a loved one been injured to to a marathon or race?”

  6. Gray commented on The Duplex 2 months ago

    The only way Eno would get one base.

  7. Gray commented on Bound and Gagged 2 months ago

    He had better get cracking and split before he gets a summons and has to shell out for a hefty fine!

  8. Gray commented on Dilbert Classics 2 months ago

    Good thing she didn’t wander into the men’s room.

  9. Gray commented on Truth Facts 2 months ago

    “I do!” – “What did I do?”

  10. Gray commented on Bottomliners 2 months ago

    White privilege strikes again!