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  1. Sir Kastik commented on dro-mo almost 4 years ago

    You know you’re a geek when the first thing that comes to your mind here is a sorcerer using a spellbook to fight a horde of appliances in a dungeon.

  2. Sir Kastik commented on Adam@Home over 5 years ago

    AS LONG AS THIS REALLY IS A TEMPORARY ARTIST. Adam@Home was already ruined years ago when the new artist took over from the original. It became ‘Hi and Lois.’

  3. Sir Kastik commented on Frog Applause over 5 years ago

    Imma just going to state my honest opinion: I randomly started getting this comic sent by e-mail after they switched to Go-comics, and my God…what the hell is this? Day after day of disfigured drawings, paintings, and non-sequitiur phrases. it’s not funny. It’s not thought-provoking. It’s not even pleasing to the eye. This is my opinion. Good day to you all.