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  1. Joelle Baker commented on Bob the Squirrel 7 months ago

    Oh my goodness you just make me want spring to get here even more, come on warmer weather.

  2. Joelle Baker commented on Flo and Friends 9 months ago

    I am very sorry for your lose. And now I know where the heart of your strip comes from, I have to say it is spot on.

  3. Joelle Baker commented on Daddy's Home about 1 year ago

    gee that’s what my son has looked like since he started beta testing Windows 10

  4. Joelle Baker commented on Big Nate about 1 year ago

    My boys went back on The 20th so we are two days into this year already. I hate when school starts.

  5. Joelle Baker commented on The Buckets about 1 year ago

    They’re boys, in the woods. Let them mark their territory. I live in the boondocks and mine do it in the woods. I wouldn’t want them running in and out all day.

  6. Joelle Baker commented on Bob the Squirrel about 1 year ago

    Sending the Moon and Stars to watch over You and Yours.

  7. Joelle Baker commented on Ben about 1 year ago

    That’s right spend time on the important things to hell with deep cleaning. My friend cleaned everything all day, her kids were and are always sick. Mine eat dirt and worms and they are healthy as all get up.

  8. Joelle Baker commented on Adam@Home about 1 year ago

    For us Memorial Day Weekend was when we opened the pool, no matter weather or school status. We also had a party on Labor Day and that ended summer for us. Not that we did not do something before and after but that was our Official Summer Time.

  9. Joelle Baker commented on Bob the Squirrel over 1 year ago

    So sorry. If the space is to big go visit the local pound and make another kitties day.

  10. Joelle Baker commented on Adam@Home over 1 year ago

    My boys have been swimming for two weeks now. I haven’t gotten in it yet but they are happy.