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  1. GSJ Olé commented on Stone Soup 9 months ago

    My oldest granddaughter has a big crush on my youngest son. He plays along with it, but she’s 11, so no problem in the offing…

  2. GSJ Olé commented on Arlo and Janis 10 months ago

    Because he TRIED to get him to do it, first. Ha!

  3. GSJ Olé commented on Freshly Squeezed 11 months ago

    That was SO my son. Now he’s on his own. Hate to see what his apartment looks like…

  4. GSJ Olé commented on Stone Soup 11 months ago

    Yes; homemade costumes are SO much better! (Always did my own, even as a kid… went as Shakespeare one year…)

  5. GSJ Olé commented on Frazz 12 months ago

    Don’t you mean “intellectually challenged”? And I hardly think Caulfield is intellectually challenged.

  6. GSJ Olé commented on Rose is Rose 12 months ago

    My husband’s ex wanted the grandchildren to call her grandmére (like Eleanor Roosevelt’s grandkids called her), but the kids couldn’t pronounce it. To this day she’s “Bambi”.

  7. GSJ Olé commented on The Dinette Set 12 months ago

    I make my own dryer balls from wool yarn – they work wonderfully well and have no scent.

  8. GSJ Olé commented on Frazz 12 months ago

    I’ve had that song from “High Noon” stuck in my head for the past two days (& I don’t even like Westerns!).

  9. GSJ Olé commented on Signe Wilkinson 12 months ago

    Because, at least in my experience of gay weddings, most men don’t throw bouquets…

  10. GSJ Olé commented on Stone Soup about 1 year ago

    Yes; syllabus in middle school. I used to teach after school improvisation classes and had to supply a syllabus for 3-5th graders.