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  1. Trainman commented on Luann 9 days ago

    I like the replacement girl very much! One of the best ones drawn by our able cartoonist! Maybe we can see more of her!

  2. Trainman commented on Tarzan 15 days ago

    Get the sheeta to take care of them! That way no more sheeta!

  3. Trainman commented on Tarzan 17 days ago

    I am tired of this rampant killing of cats! I hope Tarzan lives in hell so all the cats he has killed can disembowel, him, torture him over and over!

  4. Trainman commented on Tarzan 19 days ago

    I am tired of Tarzan’s killing of cats! Oh, sheeta get him!

  5. Trainman commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Get the old buzzard up with some water! Water board him …. the traitor!

  6. Trainman commented on Tarzan 2 months ago

    He could not beat the leopard in real measure on his life! Give me a break! Even the snakes in the Tarzan comics fare better than cats! Hope Sheeta makes sheeta out of Tarzan agowa!

  7. Trainman commented on Tarzan 3 months ago

    What a bunch of hokey pokey with the leopard again! A leopard has 10 times the strength of the average man. He can climb a tree with a 300 lb eland in his mouth! I want the leopard to bite off Tarzan’s arm! Go Kitty!

  8. Trainman commented on Tarzan 3 months ago

    I would like the leopard to get in a bite or scratch sometime! He kills cats with impunity! Not a good conservationist!

  9. Trainman commented on Last Kiss 3 months ago

    I am sure it did!

  10. Trainman commented on Tarzan 3 months ago

    If only she would! I am most disappointed they do not allow a little sexual innuendo!