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  1. Robert Landers commented on Tom Toles about 3 hours ago

    If we follow the advice of a truly great man and president in FDR, who once said, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself!”, then we will win against the fear of terrorism, if we do not, then terroism has already won!!

  2. Robert Landers commented on Clay Bennett about 8 hours ago

    The contributions of Canada during WWII on all fronts were truly excellent!! Our freedoms owe a great deal to the Canadians who have ever been the friends of the USA!!

  3. Robert Landers commented on Clay Bennett about 13 hours ago

    A few years back there came out one of those funny, but soemwhat silly comedies, “1941” it was called. While it exagerated the panic on the west coast of the US for comic affect, it was not far off in the level of that panic. I have not only read reports of what actually happened on the West Coast, I have also talked to many who were actually there. I was not consious enough to be one of them myself (being 73 years old and therefore born in 1942), And most of those that were adults at that time are now in their 90’s, so it was a long time ago (and getting longer as time flies by).

    When that Japanese submarine actually shelled those oil extraction facilities between Ventura and Santa Barbara , many then actually thought that the Japanese were truly preparing to land at Santa Monica and march up Wilshire Boulevard!! I know this sounds silly now, but remember we were not there at that time. And just look at the kind of statements that Donald Trump makes about illegal Mexicans, and the kind of panic that inspires in many even now!

    I used to doubt some statements by my own father about the level of railroading done by the Southern Pacific Railroad during those times (he was a fireman on the big steam engines of tha time) When he stated that there were 200 car trains going from Los Angeles north at least every hour of the day. I doubted until I got hold of a “Trains” magazine with a picture of such a train on the curve out of Cuesta California with some 5 seperate large steam engines and far more than 150 such cars in it! And that train was in 1938’ some two years before our active involvement in WWII. So when my grand parents and parents (and others from that time) made statements about those times, I guess I now beleive them regardless of just what revivionist history has to say or not!!

  4. Robert Landers commented on Clay Bennett 1 day ago

    I do not feel like joining you in the kind of back and forth arguments that sometimes go on here.

    So perhaps I should not even mention that none of the Japanese sent to these camps were starved or tortured to death, as were literally thousands of our own American soldiers. Or even the far more Chinese who suffered under the Japanese government of that time.

    Were you there during WWII? Or even know anybody that actually was there? While I was born in 1942, and therefore did not get to participate in that war, however,I did get to know some of those that did. I did not state that it was a proud monemt in our history, (and was not defending that action per se, but I grow tired of those that automatically blame our government for a war that we did not start, nor actually want either), mearly that it was an understandable moment.

    Must some posters here always either have things black or white, with never an allowance for human actions and fears that always lay in between? At any rate, I will not post further here regardless of what you post.

    I will admit that I am at least somewhat sorry that you took my posts in the manner in which you took them, They were meant as a clarification of actual events (whether you or I like them or not) and not a defence of the actions taken themselves, but understanding true history is a start to not repeating said history. I would like to think that you are at least somewhat capable of understanding that .

  5. Robert Landers commented on Clay Bennett 1 day ago

    Well, that is what I get for trying to be reasonable on this site. Please note that I stated that at first it was the panic caused by the continuing victories of the Japanese Navy that caused the hatred and even fear of the Japanese. Evidently you have some problem trying to even read a longer more moderate and thoughful post on here? And the kind of thought you made in your last sentence does not belong on a true discussion site. Scrape your monitor, I really do not care!!

    I can easily see how a truly moderate poster such as RT no longer posts here, hope it is not because of something happening to that worthy individual!!

  6. Robert Landers commented on Clay Bennett 1 day ago

    I hit the wrong button. To continue… Halsy then reeived a thunderous applause!

    With this kind of thinking in mind, just perhaps many of those veryJapanese that were sent to those internment camps very lives were actually saved by thst governmental action. And the camps where young American men (ironically including Japanese who fought on the European fronts) were sent to train to become soldiers were not much more comfortable than the Japanese internment camps were! I know this from personal experience, having spent some short time during my own summer training at some of those very camps during the 1960’s!

    So… what I am saying in a comewhat mengthy post is that while tese Japanese Internment Camps were certainly not a proud moment in US History, is was at least an understandable moment. After all, as Genral Shermen stated in the Civil War “War IS Hell!!”. And tha tgoes for everybody involved in such an activity (including the so called winners)!!!

  7. Robert Landers commented on Clay Bennett 1 day ago

    You may think tha tI am taking a conservative point of view here, but I am not. I am taking a true historical point of view. Some of which was in talking to those actually there at the time in my own grand parents who lived in Inglewood California at the time. While the Japanese internment camps were certainly not a proud moment in our history. They were a much more understandable moment than many would have us believe.

    Note, tha tthere were no such interment camps for either the Germans or the Japanese east of the Mississippi river. This was becuase nobody expected the Germans to invade the US as we had that unsinkable aircraft carrier in their way otherwise known as th eIslands of Briton. But such was not the case with the Japanese navy and army on the western coasts of the USA. Most Americans living on those coasts fully expected tha tthe Japanese would be actually invading those coeasts at the beginning of the war. And in that panic so induced the loyale American Japanese became an actual threat to may othe rAmericans (even if they were not, it was absolutely percieved tha tthey were). My own grand father who was an Inglewood Policement at the time was frequently called out to put a stop to fire bombing and rioting agansit local Japanese businesses, and even local japanese homes!

    And later on during the war when the immediate threat of invasions was far less, the very heavy anti Japanese propaganda (at least some of which was actually true) so gnerated anti Japanese feelings that it would have been folly not to have seperated the loyal Japanese from the general population. The internment camps were cetainly not pleasuable placed, but they were NOT such extermination camps as theGermans were using aginst the Jews at all. Besides which if you were any kind of an asian person, would you have wanted to stay on the west coast amoung people tha twere being incensed to hate you enough to kill you and your family?

    I remember where Admiral Bull Halsy was asked at an American Legion Hall meeting is ther were any good Japanes? He answered, “Sure, if they were six months buried in the ground!”

  8. Robert Landers commented on Dan Wasserman 3 days ago

    It was an allegorical cartoon. You are capable of understanding allegory, are you not?

  9. Robert Landers commented on Steve Breen 3 days ago

    A truly excellent cartoon, just as Varvel’s was also. There are truly times when a relative liberal (actually a left over 1960’s technological hippy) can fully agree with the more intelligent and thinking conservatives on this site. This IS one of those times!!

  10. Robert Landers commented on Gary Varvel 3 days ago

    A truly excellent cartoon, that Jesus himself would fully approve of!!