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  1. Robert Landers commented on Lisa Benson about 10 hours ago

    I actually consider all of the states in the USA to be good, and unlike some do not disrepect any of them. I have been in only three however (being of relatively lower class economiclly) for enough time to even be able to make any kind of determination of them. One was Fort Knox Kentucky, in the early 1960’s for National Guard armor training, the other was just after in Montana with my parents. And I have been briefly to both Arizona and Neveda. As for the rest of my 72+ years, I have recided in Southern California, and I love it here. I quess that is why I take such unbrige at this particular cartoonist constanly disrespecting my own state.

    All states have problems one way or the other at all times, but they must generally be good, or such opinionated Americans as I see on this site would never live there anyway!

    Our current governor in Jerry Brown certainly is not perfect, what politician is perfect, or for that matter who amoung we relatively normal types is perfect either? But he seems to be doing a relatively descent job as our governor, and in fact is far more fiscally reponsible than many of our more liberal citizens would like him to be.

    What many of our more conservative posters (and some editorial cartoonists) here do not seem to realize is that California (like the USA itself) has its own areas of heavy conservative voters. Such as Orange County, and all the other more spacely populated rural counties like the Central Valley. In fact one of the most conservative members of the House of Representatives in Darrel Issa has his base right here in relatively liberal California. As a politically non alighned 1960’s ex technological hippy, I do not even mind that at all. After all, the majority does need an opposite minority polically to keep them balanced. And is is not worthwhile at all to either talk wit,h or post to, the more estreme elements in either political direction!!

  2. Robert Landers commented on Lisa Benson about 16 hours ago

    I guess that I am just an optimist, and I continue to look at all viewpoints hoping for reasonableness, but I must admit that I am at least somewhat disappointed.

  3. Robert Landers commented on Henry Payne about 20 hours ago

    I can go along with that. But first, let us make legal immigration just as easy now on our southern border as it was for our ancestors 100+ years ago. They arrived (mostly though the Ellis Island facility) where they were looked at by an immigration official to see if they had obvious diseases, and then were asked the very diifcult question, “What is your name?”. And if the immigration official could not even spell a difficult name, then he just called them “Jones”, or “Smith”, of something else simple to spell (One reason why their decendants are still called such names to this day).

    However, from what I have read it is now far more difficult to get into this country legally, and so the usually Mr. Payne’s conservative cartoon is now what this one is. At least he seems to be one of the thinking conservatives, and for that he has my respect. So, once we go back to when it was relatively simple to immigrate to this country, then I am all for any measures (especially placing in jail those employers that knowingly hire such illegals) that would stop illegal immigration. Think we could agree on that at least?

  4. Robert Landers commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    Thank you, the information is both the truth and a direct refutation of this totally California hating ultra conservative woman. I really do grow very tired of her. There is even an element in California of ultra conservatives that want California to do a Texas type of sillyness and leave the union of the USA. If that was to actually happen then the economy of the US would collapse totally over night, perhaps before this charming woman does another such idiotic cartoon she should think about such a consequence!

    Luckily for everybody, there are those of us in California that are genuine unionists, and unlike the tea party types are not still fighting the civil war, so such an insane break will not happen!!

  5. Robert Landers commented on Darrin Bell 1 day ago

    Even the good moderate posters here do not totally understand just what a large proportion of the ultra conservative tea party types are really after. They live mostly in the southern USA and the midwestern USA, is that enough of a hint?

    They are still mad about all of those Federal Yankees under Abraham Lincoln beating the good southern Confederacy forces in the Civl War. They claim to just want to make the federal government smaller so it would be more freedom loving and efficient, but that is just so much balooney, and a geat big straw man. What they really want is the complete distruction of that federal (Yankee) government, and the seceding of their states from that union!! As for having a “Black Man” in the presidency? He shouldn’t be president at all, he should be out in their fields picking their cotton!!

    Hopefully a whole lot those nasty yankee liberals, moderates, and even true Republican moderates (if they will just get off of their rear ends and vote) will be able to stop them before they totally destroy the USA. Hopefully, at any rate…..

  6. Robert Landers commented on Jeff Stahler 3 days ago

    Obviously, you (like most of the other ultra conservatives on this site) seem to have trouble telling the difference between weather which is indeed somewhat unpredictable due to the many factors involved in it, and climate, which science can predict (especially over the longer term). However, climate does indeed to a great extent drive the weather, it is just not always so predicatable just in what direction that driving will be!

    However, as I and others keep pointing out Rapid Global Climate Change is not even the most important reason to stop the burning of fossil fuels into the atmosphere for both general energy purposes and transportation purposes. Once again….

    (1) We in the USA in particular, need to get off of the fossil fuel burning habbit as we need to stop importing such fuel from both unstable places on the earth, or even worse providing our mortal enemies with funding by doing so.

    (2) Indeed, our very civilazation (and especially its future) depend to a great extent upon the commodities of coal and oil for a great many other reasons than just burning them up into the atmosphere for energy and transportation, which is the worst and most wasteful use of these precious commodities. They are the basis of the entire petro chemical industry, used for both lubrication of machines and cooling of machining processes in our manufacturing industries, all plastics, many medicines, and even fertilizers for our agribusiness industries, as well as many other uses. They are far too precious to just burn up into the atmosphere, and this use must be stopped!!

    (3) This burning into the atmosphere of fossil fuels also creates many other pollutants besides those responcible for Rapid Global Climate Chenge, as anybody with lung problems (such as myself with chronic bronchitis) can easily attest to. In fact, the costs of health care due to this pollution alone are enough to pay for the changes needed to stop this pollution.

    (4) And finally, there is the Rapid Global Climate Change itself. As many have pointed out here normal natural global climate changes have been going on for millions of years. However, these changes take thousands of years (which is still rapid in comparison to the natural changes brought ablut by geological movements). The problem that the activities of humanity are causing is that changes that normally occur in thousands of years have occured within the 150-200 years since the beginning of the industrial revolution. And it IS the driving factor or the burning of fossil fuels that has drivin those steady and even exponaential climate changes!!

    No reasonable scientist or other person believes that we can just stop this buring over night. But for our immediate and future desendants, if not even ourselves, we must start to seriously make a start in the curtailing of this foolish activity. If we do not, then Rapid Global Climate Changes will just continue to accelerate more and more extreme weather conditions until our precious spaceship planet earth is no longer liveable by not only we huamns, but all other creatures as well!!!!

  7. Robert Landers commented on Signe Wilkinson 5 days ago

    I really liked this editorial cartoon! This Pope Fransis is a truly great Pope, who is more interested in following in the teachings and love of Christ than I remember any other Pope doing. I am not a Cathoilc, but I am really happy to see the Catholic Church being led by such a man and humaitarian!!

  8. Robert Landers commented on Glenn McCoy 5 days ago

    I appreciate your compliments, but I was raised to fully respect both science and religion, and in fact what I wanted to be out of all the things that I could have been, was either a scientist or an engineer. And while I neither made either of those lofty goals, I did become a tchnologist (machinist, quality control inpector, etc) who actually helped Americans get to the moon. I am sorry, but I do not feel that I am being lied to by some 99% of the scientists in the world. And that is not even just the climate scientists, but scintists of all scientific disiplines. Unfortunately it is people such as yourself (again, also sincere) that are being lied to. You are being lied to by those whose only goals are profits at any cost to humanity now, and certainly to any humanity in the future. Heck, even the good industrialists of the past are indeed of the past, and now our indutrialists themselves are being controlled by the pure financial interests, who have absolutely no interest in the future of mankind beyond their own lifetimes!

    I have given this particular posting before, and will continue ot do so in the hopes that thinking conservatives as well as liberals will perhaps listen. We shoud be getting away from burning fossil fuels for both energy and transportation for many reasons, not all of them having to do with Rapid Global Climate Change at all…..

    (1) This is especially true for the USA, where we need to get away from fossil fuels to be able to not be beholden to areas of the world that are at best very unstable, and at worst, our enemies that are being financed by our excessive purchasing of oil.

    (2) That oil and coal are indeed very precious commodities, for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with just burning them up into the atmosphere. They are the almost the total basis for the petro chemical industry and plastics, are used to lubricate our macinery of civililization, and the cooling of our machining processes, and even both medicines and fertilizers for our health. Once, they are burned up and gone, our civilization will totally collapse. Oh, probably not in our life time, but certainly in that of our relatively immediate decendants!!

    (3) When these commodities are burned up into the atmosphere they create large amounts of pollutants that have nothing to do with climate change, but do have a whole lot to do with the health of our lungs. Just the health care costs to make up for this pollution in itself, is just as large a cost as that of what converting over to other energy generation methodologies would cost!!

    (3) And finally, there is indeed the continuing increase of climate change. It is not that climate change has not increased naturally in the past, it certainly has. It is the rate of increase of the present climate change that is so much greater than in the past that is the problem. And the only difference in the current rate of increase (over natural increases) has been the efforts of mankind since the beginning of the industrial age!!

    Why is all ot his so very difficult for even sincere people such as yourself to understand? My grand children of 11 years and 13 years old have no problem understanding it!

  9. Robert Landers commented on Glenn McCoy 5 days ago

    Rapid Global Climate Change IS what is driving unusual weather changes throughout the world. And human pollution is certaily a part of that. The only real question remaining to thinking human beigs is whether or not we still have enough time to stop burining fossil fuel and so placing the pollutants of that burning into the earth’s atmosphere!!

    I am more than willing to admit that an immediate stop to such use of fossil fuels for general energy and transportaion uses would be as disrupting to our very civilization as eventually doing nothing at all might well be. But we must very soon at least strat in that direction. For the sakes of future gnerations of humanity, if nothing else.

    People, humanity is in a race that will determine whether we first use up these very precious commodities (which have other far more important uses than to just burn them up) before we so pollute our atmosphere with the pollution of that very burning, before we so pollute our thin and vulnerable atmosphere that it is no longer breathable by human beings or other life breathing creatures. And continuing to deny this is NOT an option!!!!

  10. Robert Landers commented on Matt Wuerker 5 days ago

    Terrorism itelf is simply murder, spelled in other letters, but meaning the same. No truly civilized society (regardless of its particular religion) can continue to exist as simply murder merchants. ISIS or ISIL, or whatever people want to call it, are certainly (especially the leaders) murder mechants!!