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  1. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann 17 days ago

    BUSTED! Uh, umm.. my cat jumped on my tablet and made me hit the wrong color. Yeah that’s what happened. He’s a big Maine Coon. His fault.

  2. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Pearls Before Swine 18 days ago

    Mrs. Smothers always liked Pete Best.

  3. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann 20 days ago

    re “BAD NEWS. You’ve ruined my day!” —
    not really, I can’t see that far ahead. Just guessing like everybody else.

  4. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann 20 days ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Zebo hangs around a while. Considering Greg majored in art in college, where one meets all kinds of eccentric professors, Zebo is probably a composite manifestation from those days – wrapped up in a comic strip character, of course. I know I’d find treasure tapping into my own studio and classroom experiences, everything from Sister Mary Elephant nuns to a guy who put black powder in ashtrays to have “fun” with his smoking students.

  5. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann 22 days ago

    That Annie Hall clip was great. Now how about Luann breaking the wall and pulling Greg Evans in from off camera?
    And maybe a link to Keaton in Mr. Goodbar?

  6. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann 22 days ago

    I’ll agree – if words fail to analyze a piece of art then don’t use ’em. Sometimes “I like it” is sufficient.

  7. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann 23 days ago

    Do you really live near Niagara Falls? US side?
    Yup, just north of Buffalo. And I was only going to go to Niagara Falls to get some eats to cheer me up – some great Italian restaurants there.

  8. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann 23 days ago

    Please stop insulting my work. I’m near uncontrollable tears and reassessing my total worth. It’s very little. I live near Niagara Falls. Perhaps…

  9. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann 24 days ago

    Here’s an interesting snippet from the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE:

    “Your Materials, user name and/or screen name will not disparage in any manner Universal Uclick, its Licensors, or their Applications, products, or services and sites.”

    So I talked to a trademark and copyright law practitioner.

    “Products” obviously includes the comic strips, and maybe by extension the creator(s).

    “Materials” covers a lot of turf including posted comments. What is considered “flame bait” is subject to interpretation, but playing innocent bystander while lobbing such bait into the fray is part of the troller’s arsenal.

    Of course it’s all up to UCLick to make the call on what is or isn’t disparaging, but if it’s bad for business they will care. If it drives people away, they will care.

    The acrimony in this forum pales in comparison to what polluted the Luann forum when United Media’s Comics.com site was running, but similarities abound.

  10. Sheriff Mordecai commented on Luann 24 days ago

    The value of the art object(s) is not what matters in this setting. What lasts, or should last, is what the meld of studio and classroom experience leaves with the art student. What I thought was bull### back then many times turned out to be pearls of wisdom years later. Art curriculums don’t necessarily train you to BE an artist as much as they teach you to THINK like an artist. Graduating rookies in any field have years to master their field, but it starts with the right frame of mind.