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    Learning how to think can come after that!

  4. comsymp commented on Ken Catalino almost 2 years ago

    This might well be the WORST drawing ever produced by someone claiming to be a “professional” cartoonist.

  5. comsymp commented on Mike Luckovich about 2 years ago

    The building in this cartoon is NOT the George W. Bush Presidential Library opening in Dallas. It’s the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.

    Jeez, Luckovich, do 5 minutes of research next time.

  6. comsymp commented on Mike du Jour over 2 years ago

    SEVEN Zumba gags in a row? Let’s move along, Mike.

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    Of course, when it’s death by strangulation, you’ll rarely see a murder/suicide.

  9. comsymp commented on Clay Bennett almost 3 years ago

    Boy, ain’t THAT the truth!

  10. comsymp commented on Clay Bennett about 3 years ago

    Think visually.

    Did you ever stop to think that this cartoon might just be a statement on deregulation in general?

    There is no indication that all of these signs came from one corner, sbwinn. In fact, quite the opposite (only the stop sign seems to have been removed from this particular location).

    And there is no reference to the Obama Administration, rightisright. So, I don’t believe Bennett is implying that the present administration is taking deregulation too far.

    Certainly nobody would argue against eliminating needless regulation, but there is a point where the zeal for deregulation becomes quite dangerous to society at large (as the cartoon implies).