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  1. Echo Sam commented on Candorville 14 days ago

    That’s what I was thinking…

  2. Echo Sam commented on Candorville 21 days ago

    There are other choices…. maybe one day we will have the guts, and good sense to go with them. Who cares which wins, we are screwed either way, and, I live in a very red state, so my vote isn’t going to change a thing, so I have the luxury of voting for whoever I want. Mrs Stein and Mr Johnson will appreciate your vote far more than Trump and Clinton. And if either or both get that magic 5% of the popular vote, their party gets matching funds for 2020, so can compete on a more even level.

    Polling 15% now will get them in the Debates… Johnson is at 10-11% currently…

  3. Echo Sam commented on Working Daze 30 days ago

    “Cool” people buy iPhones, smart people buy Androids.

  4. Echo Sam commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    Most NCAA Division 1 football and basketball programs are profitable revenue generating engines for their school. Taxpayers aren’t paying those coaches, fans are through ticket and merchandise sales.

    The football and basketball programs typically are paying for all the other, non profitable, athletic programs.

    Any revenues left over after the Athletic Dept has paid its bills is given to the school. So very prominent and profitable programs generate revenue for the school itself.

    Winning programs generate more revenue than losing ones. So, winning coaches get paid. Losing coaches get paid, but eventually fired.

  5. Echo Sam commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    A couple of our Presidential candidates are pretty much trolls, yes….

  6. Echo Sam commented on Over the Hedge 4 months ago

    If all you Democrats or Trump haters wanted to stop him from actually being President, you should run a decent candidate against him. But Noooo… gonna go with Hillary… (and the reverse for Republican Hillary/Bernie haters)

    You get what you deserve.

  7. Echo Sam commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 months ago

    “Jefferson Davis was a Democrat as were
    the members of the Klu Klux Klan”

    Although their supporters claim that was all 150 years ago, the Democrats were the party of segregation and racism until with a swipe of his pen in 1964 LBJ caused the Democrats to suddenly, overnight be the Party of tolerance and civil justice, when he signed a bill the Republicans had been backing and pushing for 10 years, but unable to pass due to Democrat majorities in congress (Civil Rights Act), and that the Republicans voted for in higher numbers even when it finally did pass for LBJ to sign.

    But, a Democrat signed it, that means the Party that was turning firehoses on civil rights marchers, and lynching “uppity” blacks less than 10 years earlier was now the minorities best friend, and biggest supporter… yea right.

  8. Echo Sam commented on Candorville 5 months ago

    The odds against the evolution of a sentient species are so small and statistically insignificant, that it may as well be considered impossible.

    It happened once…. I wouldn’t get your hopes up on it happening a second time.

  9. Echo Sam commented on B.C. 5 months ago

    He’s an ant. Perspective. The comparative size of a snowflake and an ant…. to an ant, a snowflake is a sizable chunk of ice.

  10. Echo Sam commented on Wizard of Id 5 months ago

    “97% huh? How many climatologists?”

    Nah, actually the issue is the opposite. The actual statistic is 97% of “Climate Scientists”… which is NOT the same as Climatologist.

    A climatologist is someone who studies the climate. A ‘climate scientist’ is a scientist who is a member if the IPCC, the organization behind all of the climate change hooplah.

    97% of all Climate Scientists believe in climate change is like saying 97% of all Catholic Priests believe Jesus is coming one day.

    I’m kind of surprised it’s only 97%. They probably kept the claim low so people wouldn’t get suspicious when they said 100%.