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  1. Linda Von De Bur commented on Frazz 8 days ago

    Its still only 54 stories tall, the 29 story addition was to the back of the building as a parking garage. (Average height of most floors is 10 ft.)

  2. Linda Von De Bur commented on Arlo and Janis 11 days ago

    We have a house that was built in 1883, and the basement is old fieldstone and plaster. It never gets too warm or too cold, always at about 50 degrees. Hubby brought back over 400 bottles of good German wine from his overseas deployment. (long story). We do have a wine cellar, just not arched or as dark. It is quite the conversation starter.

  3. Linda Von De Bur commented on Grand Avenue 13 days ago

    Amen! He is Risen!

  4. Linda Von De Bur commented on Nick Anderson 2 months ago

    ANYONE who has a concealed carry license HAS gone through training and practice. Its the only way you can get one. Your instructor signs your application where it asks about training. As far as tighter gun control and lower murders, check the statistics for Chicago, one of the MOST stringent gun control cities in the US AND one of the highest murder rates. Now, ask all those criminals about obeying the laws and getting gun training. Ask the pizza delivery drivers about how they would love to lay down their lives for their jobs. Cooperating with the demands of thieves DOES NOT GUARANTEE that they will not shoot you. They don’t want witnesses who can ID them to the police, who show up 10-15-20 minutes later. RESPONSIBLE gun owners, trained and practicing often, do not leave their guns lying around. Ask the woman who was stabbed 9 times by her husband while she was working how well the restraining order worked vs. the 72 yr old man who saved her by shooting and killing the husband in the act. It all boils down to taking responsibility for your choices. If we don’t take the responsibility for protecting ourselves and our loved ones seriously, then the bad guys win, continue to commit crimes including murder, rape, robbery, etc. Or, in worse case scenario, we become Germany, Russia, North Korea, or Mexico, where tyranny reigns.

  5. Linda Von De Bur commented on Strange Brew 3 months ago

    Good one ’Frog! Lol!

  6. Linda Von De Bur commented on Jeff Stahler 3 months ago

    You know, there is one common denominator in all religions. It is not the religion that is corrupt; it is the humans that corrupt the religion. They twist what is good into something that encourages murder. Mankind is not very nice when it comes to money, land, etc. Men, over the ages, have used whatever means, be it war, religion, deception, murder; to take what they want. Land, gold, women, slaves, etc. Yes, there are some women who have done it too, but far and away, more war, murder, theft, rape, has been committed by men, in the name of country, God/religion, or plain old greed. (And don’t spout Old Testament at me, that was forsaken for the New Testament, try reading that for more current information.) To my knowledge, Islam IS the only method of governing it is NOT a religion that encourages killing of “infidels”, stones rape victims to death and promotes honor killings without trial or investigation. Islam, radical Islam is a scourge on this earth.

  7. Linda Von De Bur commented on Nick Anderson 3 months ago

    It is the religion of Greed and Power (control) that is driving most violence/wars. Islam is NOT a religion, it is a system of government.

  8. Linda Von De Bur commented on Strange Brew 5 months ago

    Jingle Bells, Batman smells,
    Robin laid an egg,
    The Batmobile lost its wheel,
    and the Joker got away, Hey!!!

  9. Linda Von De Bur commented on Dog Eat Doug 6 months ago


    Just get a Teddy Bear, Doug, they can handle ANY monster!

  10. Linda Von De Bur commented on Arlo and Janis 9 months ago

    @bawana & @StoicLion
    How is it not sexist and what makes it okay to have a “Guy Code”? Would you keep the closure a secret from your son? And what justifies a guy code when it is wrong to assume women should be shielded from business decisions that affect their livelihood? Great way to prepare someone for the fact that their passion, or for some just a job, is about to end, leaving them at loose ends. That makes a whole lot of sense in today’s world, where women make up the greater part of the workforce. Its called “survival mode” and a great many women operate at this level everyday, because for many, they themselves ARE the only source of income and support they can count on. Shutting out the very people these kinds of decisions affect is a great way to end a marriage and a family relationship, not to mention partner- and friendships.