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  1. fosdick commented on B.C. 14 days ago

    Be careful Jo that someone doesn’t get offended by your statement :)

  2. fosdick commented on Flo and Friends 3 months ago

    I would have kicked his butt out awhile ago!

  3. fosdick commented on B.C. over 1 year ago

    I wouldn’t buy anything apple makes.! Google chrome works well! Firefox has slow loading properties lately.

  4. fosdick commented on Luann over 1 year ago

    I personally worry about the people that are so obsessed with being first comment on a comics site. They need to get a life before they find themselves in a round padded room.!

  5. fosdick commented on Peanuts over 1 year ago

    The Christians only have Christmas because they needed a reson to keep the people that they converted staying with them, so they manufactured a holiday that they stole from the conquered pagans.

  6. fosdick commented on Luann over 1 year ago

    You people that have to be first. It must be a sadly and lonely life you have, if you have to worry about being first!

  7. fosdick commented on Luann almost 2 years ago

    Donny! You Sir, are an idiot. What does your Rambling have to do with Luann. Duh!

  8. fosdick commented on Pickles almost 2 years ago

    How about asking a teenager the other day what Woodstock is and getting the answer that it is snoopy’s little bird friend!

  9. fosdick commented on Luann about 2 years ago

    Actually!!! Most of these posters on any of the comic pages have no life, so as with soap opera, must have an alternate reality

  10. fosdick commented on The Born Loser about 2 years ago

    Prof. You poor ,poor, pitiful man. If that is all you have to do all day but read comics and get technical on them