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  1. Evil Rat commented on Pearls Before Swine 5 days ago

    Sporting events are only worth paying for when you can see the players’ names and numbers on their uniforms without having to squint or use binoculars.
    …. and if they think I’m going to pay $2 or more for 12oz(or less) for a f-ing bottle/ cup of cheapo water, they are f-ed in the head….

  2. Evil Rat commented on Lio 6 days ago

    I’ve always wondered about movies produced like Sharknado, and the people that pay to watch them.
    Don’t they realize that movies like this are the same as those ‘boy bands’ that were so popular in the 80’s? No talent, no substance, no real content, and once the money dries up …. well, I bet many of the audience will deny every paying to see them.

  3. Evil Rat commented on Dude and Dude 8 days ago

    The interesting thing about using the Hot mustard is it affects your sinuses far more than it bothers your mouth, throat, or other parts.

    I usually do this when ever I have sinus problems, for the simple fact that my sinuses STAY clear for a couple of days usually(sometimes longer), giving me time to get over the virus or bug that caused it.

    I do NOT recommend trying this when you have a headache, though – the pain just isn’t worth it.

  4. Evil Rat commented on Dude and Dude 8 days ago

    For blocked sinuses, I use the hot mustard in Chinese(and other Asian) restaurants. It’s best when mixed from a powder that day(the cans or jars just don’t have any punch), and eaten on some hot(temp, not spice) food while chewing with your mouth closed try breathing through your nose.
    This whole process helps the vapors from the mustard to enter your nose and cause your head to think it has just been hit with a thermobaric rocket round. Done correctly, it may even cause your vision to go red or black for a bit, and watering eyes is almost certain to happen.

  5. Evil Rat commented on Dude and Dude 8 days ago

    I like habeneros better than jalapenos. For some reason, jalapenos just don’t taste good to me, but the habenero has this really nice tomato-like taste that I like.
    I’ve even ate two(not at the same time) all on their own before. The first time was just to see if I could, the second time was to won a $50 bet. Habeneros are hotter, but they just taste better to me, so I prefer them over most other peppers.
    I know there are some really nasty peppers grown out there though. It isn’t just the plant, it also needs to have the correct soil and weather to create the heat that some people seem to love so much.

  6. Evil Rat commented on Get Fuzzy 12 months ago

    Sausage = banger(s).
    Cracking = good or great.
    Laughing gear = mouth.

  7. Evil Rat commented on Dude and Dude 12 months ago


    Tazer-time is coming…..

  8. Evil Rat commented on Dude and Dude 12 months ago


    Tazer-time is coming…..

  9. Evil Rat commented on Get Fuzzy 12 months ago

    I must watch too much BBC and other Brit shows, cause I figured out most of these strips so far…. Did have some question about ‘gormy’, but I figured it for the equivalent of ‘idjit’ or any number of other intellect related insults.

  10. Evil Rat commented on Calvin and Hobbes 12 months ago

    I set an alarm. Yes I had an alarm when I was 6, and every Friday, I would set it to 6:50am so i could get up in time to watch “The Looney Tunes Show”. This was way back before the PC & child psychology crowd ruined cartoons with “Politically Correct” images & sounds, along with most of the “violence”, guns, axes, knives, etc..

    After Bugs Bunny and friends were done, there was Ton & Jerry on another channel to watch …. and I’m old enough to remember “Old Mammy Two-Slippers” as one of the main characters – even if she wasn’t actually named in the cartoon(I learned the name years later). If you do manage to see one of the old Tom & Jerry cartoons on T.V. now, odds are pretty good you will not see any with “Mammy” in them, due to the PC crowd complaining about it.

    On the other hand, during any other day of the week, my alarm may or may not have been set for the time my parents thought I should be up. In fact, my mother learned to sneak in and reset my alarm after I fell asleep by the time I hit 7. I promptly started ‘hiding’ the alarm in different places around the room. This little ‘war’ continued until I was about 9, I think.