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  1. snarkm commented on Breaking Cat News 2 days ago

    That’s horrifying.

  2. snarkm commented on Breaking Cat News 2 days ago

    Weird. This is another rare strip I don’t remember from the first time around at all. Still, I wish the whole newspaper process would go faster so that we can get new strips. I miss seeing new adventures from the gang.

  3. snarkm commented on Heart of the City 7 days ago

    I have a weird feeling that might not be Dean. Either that or someone else had the Halloween haunted apartment idea first.

  4. snarkm commented on Stone Soup 14 days ago

    More often than not parents that forget their children in the car aren’t neglectful or abusive parents. Quite the contrary, they are loving parents who care for their children very much. However, they fall prey to a very deep seated human condition. Humans are creatures of habit. We follow routines that become very ingrained in our brain very quickly. Everybody who has ever found themselves doing a daily routine automatically without even thinking about it, know that.

    Often a child is forgotten in a car when the parent who usually takes it to daycare isn’t available for the day and the other parent takes over the task. In some tragic cases their normal morning routine takes over their brain and they drive straight to work instead of dropping the baby off. This often goes hand in hand with being sleep deprived from having a child that isn’t yet sleeping through the night.

    Ironically cases like these have multiplied with the use of safer backseat and rear facing booster seats. It’s safer for the child in case of an accident but makes the child basically invisible for the parent in the front seat.

  5. snarkm commented on Heart of the City 14 days ago

    The clever fiendishness of your evil plan is brilliant!

  6. snarkm commented on Stone Soup 15 days ago

    I really don’t like that boy and if Joan doesn’t teach him some empathy pronto neither will anyone else.

  7. snarkm commented on Gil 17 days ago

    soaked in toilet water and her tights plastered to a dirty rim.

    Or boil it down to math. Women have to pee more often than men. Men too have to sit down sometime. Unless men outnumber the women in a household by some margin it is more likely that the next person using the loo requires the seat to be down. When men outnumber women in a household then the agreed on seat position may well be up, though due to the risk assessment part it still would be nice if it wasn’t.

  8. snarkm commented on Gil 17 days ago

    1/2 In my home it’s easy, he never cleans the loo, I’m allowed to ask him to put down the seat :). Also, I’m guessing that most men don’t get cleaning supplies if they dribble. A quick toilet paper wipe is probably the usual, so putting the seat back down is even more important.

    Then there’s risk assessment. Worst case scenario for a guy is that he has to lift the seat with a finger he is going to wash in 30 secs. WCS for women is having her private parts

  9. snarkm commented on Gil 17 days ago

    I find it kind of interesting how defensive you are getting about this when all I did was compare two scenarios where someone is sitting down on something that isn’t there. I neither mentioned REQUIREMENTS nor RULES nor even an ACCUSATION. But now that you have brought it up, COURTESIES not REQUIREMENTS are usually the things that keep harmony in a relationship, family or shared household so they are rather important.

  10. snarkm commented on Gil 17 days ago

    Similar situations occur when guys leave the toilet seat up. Only with worse outcomes in my opinion.