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  1. Dan GoComics Pro Member commented on ViewsAfrica about 4 years ago

    This particular strip is just stupid, for the simple reason that neither Romney nor his campaign ever requested a recount, let alone demanded one. What really happened was that some idiots read a faux news site called the “Duffel Blog” that said some military absentee votes were never counted and that there would have been enough to change the outcome. Those idiots then began clamoring for a recount, but without bothering to check to see if there were any actual facts. The Duffel Blog is a well known military & veterans satire blog, very much along the lines of The Onion and states so very clearly. Apparently, the writer of this strip got sucked in with along with those idiots. I’ll cut the writer a little slack on the unfounded assumption that he may not have been familiar with American style satire sites. Or he may not have cared one way or the other and decided it was worth publishing whether it had any accuracy or not.