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  1. Dave Hussell commented on Mindframe almost 2 years ago

    Congratulations! Does he read comics? That would seal the deal.

  2. Dave Hussell commented on Half Full almost 2 years ago

    Now that song will be in my head all day!

  3. Dave Hussell commented on Rogue Symmetry almost 2 years ago

    Where’s your Veterans’ Day cartoon?

  4. Dave Hussell commented on Shutterbug Follies about 2 years ago

    I liked the story, but don’t want to read it over and over. Maybe it should be _Shutterbug Folly" rather than Follies,

  5. Dave Hussell commented on The Dinette Set about 2 years ago

    @2old, getting younger!

    Sorry I did not respond sooner, just saw your message from two days ago.

    Oat will be back soon. Just had a lot going on, switching jobs again and finding time to draw, also was working on some art projects for a couple clients. Don’t worry, I won’t leave Oat out there to fend for himself, he has a couple more adventures before he makes it back home. Also, I am going to be focusing a little bit on my newest character Dark Wing, he is going to get his band back together for a reunion tour.

    Thank you for following, I am sorry to have left it hanging for a while, but I will be drawing more Oat soon. At the moment I am on one more logo.

  6. Dave Hussell commented on The Dinette Set about 2 years ago

    Worst case is scenario, taking the last handicap spot when you don’t need it and then seeing a mother putter he child in a wheelchair at the back of the parking lot.

  7. Dave Hussell commented on The Dinette Set about 2 years ago

    My wife has a handicap tag, I keep it in the car. The only time I use it is when she is with me. Even if it means I have to walk the length of the parking lot.

    Even though I know the odds are I won’t get caught, it is still illegal to use the tag when the person to whom it is registered is not in the car. Actually, I don’t use it more for the moral value than the legal.

  8. Dave Hussell commented on The Dinette Set about 2 years ago

    Reminds me is when we were going to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon. My wife wanted to check on how the weather would be. She was puzzled that the temp was going to be around 16 degrees most of the time (this was in October), finally, I told her that being in Canada it was Celsius.

  9. Dave Hussell commented on Charmys Army about 2 years ago

    Most of them gave me rejections. I think King Features only responds if they are buying it, the rest told me “no”.

  10. Dave Hussell commented on Mindframe about 2 years ago

    She’s not their biological daughter. They adopted a highway!