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  1. Tigdi commented on Speechless 8 days ago

    Jesus did heal an amputee. He restored the ear of the Roman soldier which Peter had cut off with a sword.

    Jesus does not send anyone to hell. Those who end up there do so by their own hand.

    Maybe if you initiated and developed a relationship with Jesus (that’s what Christianity is, a relationship, not a religion), you would know more about His love for you.

  2. Tigdi commented on Speechless 9 days ago

    Thank you, Len for leaving me speechless. You have a wonderful ministry.

  3. Tigdi commented on The Flying McCoys 9 days ago

    He should be taking prilosec or zantac, not both. The same is true for crestor and lipitor. Abilify and cymbalta likely would not be prescribed together either. No wonder he’s cranky, he’s overmedicated and then some!

  4. Tigdi commented on Moderately Confused 12 days ago

    That’s always the first thing I think of when I hear the word “cowbell”. I knew someone would post it.

  5. Tigdi commented on Brevity 13 days ago

    I write in the AP style so I typically do not use the Oxford comma. However, if it is necessary to resolve ambiguity, I will sometimes resort to its use.

  6. Tigdi commented on Strange Brew 14 days ago

    Why do his arms look as if they are attached to his beard?

  7. Tigdi commented on In the Bleachers 16 days ago

    Timely Comic—Sharknado!

  8. Tigdi commented on Non Sequitur 21 days ago

    Paintings have an artist, plays have a playwright, buildings have an architect and creation has a Creator. I truly do not understand what is so difficult to believe about that.

  9. Tigdi commented on Non Sequitur 21 days ago


  10. Tigdi commented on Pluggers 21 days ago

    Does anyone remember the red, plastic calculators that allowed you to keep track of your grocery money while you shopped? Our local Albers (later became IGA) used to give them away once a year, usually tied in with a marketing promotion by one of the vendors like Oscar Mayer. The fancy ones were the four digit kind.