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  1. Tigdi commented on Brevity 14 days ago

    Here’s a kernel of truth: the “lookalike” doesn’t have Chris’s eyebrows.

  2. Tigdi commented on Speed Bump 14 days ago

    Don’t let one experience keep you from rescuing another pet. Your dog could have just as easily been abused by a woman and therefore not go to your wife. Also, your dog could exhibit the same symptom if it had come from a breeder that was a puppy mill. Believe me, puppy mill dogs have extreme trust issues. I noted you said that the dog won’t come to you “most” of the time. That means he comes to you some of the time. Think about what times those are and try to recreate the situation with both a treat and praise reward for coming to you. Every dog is different, as is every cat, and you can’t judge the entire population of shelter pets by this one dog. I implore you to keep rescuing.

  3. Tigdi commented on Chuckle Bros 18 days ago

    k.d. is an outspoken vegetarian/vegan.

  4. Tigdi commented on F Minus 19 days ago

    Reminds me of a Bill Engvall routine, “Here’s Your Sign”,which begins with his stating that stupid people should have to wear warning signs that simply state “I’m stupid.” He then tells an anecdote of someone asking a stupid question to which the answer is obvious, but he gives a sarcastic response followed by saying, “Here’s your sign!” For example, a trucker gets his truck stuck under an overpass, and the responding policeman asks “Got your truck stuck?” The trucker answers, “No sir, I was delivering that overpass and I ran out of gas. Here’s your sign.”

  5. Tigdi commented on Reality Check 26 days ago

    Or if the audience leaves

  6. Tigdi commented on WuMo 27 days ago

    From the news reports I heard earlier this morning, the timing of this cartoon is perfect.

  7. Tigdi commented on Speechless 27 days ago


  8. Tigdi commented on Strange Brew 28 days ago

    “Cap’n! There be whales here!!”

  9. Tigdi commented on Loose Parts 28 days ago

    It’s spelled “sauerkraut”.

  10. Tigdi commented on Chuckle Bros about 1 month ago

    Giving roses helps luck to be a lady.