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  1. Tigdi commented on Wrong Hands 4 days ago

    Here comes the rain again. I love listening to the rhythm of the rain and singing in the rain. But now It’s raining men and raindrops keep falling on my head.

  2. Tigdi commented on And now... 8 days ago

    You get what you need!

  3. Tigdi commented on Pluggers 9 days ago

    A friend of mine was showing her son a non-digital camera and he could not grasp the concept of how it works.

  4. Tigdi commented on Moderately Confused 12 days ago

    I think removing the strip just because you disagree with Mr. Stahler’s politics is a bit extreme. I don’t intend on voting for Mrs. Clinton either, but that doesn’t mean I now believe Mr. Stahler to be any less of an artist. As someone reminded me just the other day, in this day and age, one could take offense at just about everything. But just because we “could” do so, doesn’t mean we “have” to do so.

  5. Tigdi commented on Chuckle Bros 12 days ago

    Has anyone seen M.C. Hammer’s commercials for Command Hooks for hanging things on walls? They’re the ones that supposedly can be removed without leaving any kind of mark and, of course, nails are not needed.

  6. Tigdi commented on Wrong Hands 15 days ago

    Wow, that can be a night mare. Days like this can really stirrup the emotions. But you won’t be that way furlong.

  7. Tigdi commented on Brevity 15 days ago

    It would have helped if some punctuation was used and the one character looked more like someone named Ivy should look. The plant is singing a song called “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” which was recorded by Bret Michael’s band, Poison (back in the 1980s). The caption should read, “Careful. That’s poison, Ivy.”

  8. Tigdi commented on Misc Soup 16 days ago

    I always heard the phrase as “couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket”.

  9. Tigdi commented on Bound and Gagged 16 days ago

    It should be spelled “trailers”. The apostrophe needed as apostrophes denote possession and contraction. They are not used on words to denote plurality.

  10. Tigdi commented on Brevity 18 days ago

    These laundry puns are just loads of fun.