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  1. Rista commented on Crumb 9 days ago

    I’m so with you on that one. That cat needs to go hungry a few meals. Growing up 50 yrs ago, I never heard of a finicky cat. Mom filled the cat bowl once a day with what ever she chose to give ’em and they cleaned the bowl. The rest of the day it was “Go out and catch a mouse you lazy beggars, we got too many of them. Earn your next meal” and they did.
    All our cats lived to ripe old ages, 12 to 18 yrs and were healthy, happy and active their entire lives.

  2. Rista commented on Baldo 12 days ago

    If your not into paying for a pest control company you can also just make your own Terro type ant bait with borax.
    Borax is the ingredient in 20 Mule Team laundry booster, very cheap. Works on roaches, waterbugs, and sugar ants. Just use a combination of equal parts borax and powered sugar or syrup.

  3. Rista commented on Frazz 12 days ago

    Except it doesn’t work quite like that, you take the risks and get the injuries but you don’t die young.
    Fate mockingly laughs at you and you live a long, painful middle age where no one wants to hire you because you can’t work a full day.
    Then finish with a hopeless, poverty ridden, old age where every thing you try to do hurts and no one cares.

  4. Rista commented on U.S. Acres 16 days ago

    That chick’s not in as much trouble as he thinks, I raise chickens and I can tell ya baby chicks are really good little fliers. At least for flying down off things.

  5. Rista commented on Zen Pencils 20 days ago

    What is really weird is that both texts (if you study your history) are supposedly written by the same god. And to the same family, just given to descendants of different brothers.
    So, effectively, we’re all suffering the consequences of the worlds longest family feud.

  6. Rista commented on Crumb 26 days ago

    After seeing my boysenberries, grapes and black currants vanish like magic as soon as the hens found the garden. Yup hes right on the money. If fruit is involved, it’s the chook.

  7. Rista commented on Prickly City about 1 month ago

    United we stand, Divided we fall. Said over 200 yrs ago and still very true. It doesn’t seem like we’ve been so divided and polarized as a nation since the civil war.
    This nation was built not on extremism but on consensus, compromise and inclusion. Ideals that are fast vanishing in incivility, narcissism and greed.

  8. Rista commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    I was on a walk at a local Nature/Wetlands Conservatory today and ran into two families playing Pokemon Go together. Two fathers with 4 kids between them and one older teen. They were happy, kids giggling their heads off, outside, working together and I’d bet, it was the first time in far too long that Dad(s) had taken young’uns out for a few hours in nature.

    They’d found a rare spawn or something and were taking turns trying to catch it with the kids happily watching a family of Osprey on a nest off in the distance and a beaver dam near by in the river during the 20 minute or so spawn breaks or what ever its called.
    I don’t play Pokemon but I think I like this fad.

  9. Rista commented on Adult Children 2 months ago

    May I suggest interjecting one word in that sentence? Make that ‘ethical’ doctors. The unethical or greedy ones just consider the pharma-sales persons sample bags and sales incentives a perk of the job.
    Regretfully we have too many of those for our safety.

  10. Rista commented on Crumb 2 months ago

    You just have to be slightly smarter than the cat.
    Pill wrapped in favorite cat food, grab cat by scruff of neck, grab both ears in hand holding scruff, pull ears gently back til cat’s mouth opens (it’s a reflex) stuff pill as far back into throat as possible.
    Gently massage cat’s throat to induce the swallow reflex
    (I said GENTLY! Do not strangle cat)
    Release cat.
    Swear profusely as cat spits out pill minus cat treat.
    Rinse and repeat until your bleeding too profusely to go on.
    Go to ER to get stitches.
    Get a dog.