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  1. Rista commented on Monty about 22 hours ago

    Seriously? A parakeet wigged out over a human eating turkey?
    I’ve owned a few parakeets.
    Heck the only thing they’d have been ticked about was if I didn’t save them some!
    Parakeets are omnivores. Female ‘keets will gleefully eat your fingers if you get them near them while they’re feeding babies.

  2. Rista commented on Jetpack Jr. about 22 hours ago

    All of which, especially water, is incredibly common from what I’ve been reading.
    Naw, we lack the one thing aliens would want most. An advanced intelligent civilization :P

  3. Rista commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 1 day ago

    Me either! I don’t do black Friday. I do shop black Friday sales online. But the inane insanity that is BF crowds? Not happening.

  4. Rista commented on Lay Lines 3 days ago

    A very odd trivia note to go with this. Did you know that video game players were less likely to have certain types of nightmares than other people?
    You know the type of dream where your being attacked by a monster and can’t fight or end up running desperately away?

    Well gamers don’t have those much.
    Researchers discovered this by accident when studying the possibility of using games to help PSDT vets. Seems something in video games causes a change in how gamers view ‘monsters’. Apparently gamers, instead of running
    away, attack their monsters with glee treating them like just another game and defeat them.
    Since PSTD sufferers often have horrible nightmares they are seeing games, especially fantasy ones involving attacking and defeating nightmarish monsters, as a tool to help them learn to take charge of their nightmares and turn and defeat them.

  5. Rista commented on Diamond Lil 4 days ago

    Fill a bowl with water deep enough to cover one of your onions, dunk peeled onion under water entirely. Slice and chop Onion under water. No smell, no tears. Job done.

  6. Rista commented on Overboard 6 days ago

    Louie’s a strong dog, let him carry some of it. My lab could easily have dragged a bag of dog food. (And if we didn’t keep it securely locked up, she would!)

  7. Rista commented on Dog Eat Doug 8 days ago

    Had an adorable, spoiled pair of Pekingese puppies once who were determined to lick and chew the patterns on our old 1940’s styled linoleum floor. No amount of scoldings would persuade them not too.
    Doused all the patterns they were chewing at randomly with a few drops of hot sauce.
    Problem solved.
    No harm to the pups and after that they stuck to dog biscuits.

  8. Rista commented on Little Dog Lost 10 days ago

    How odd, life never ever sneaks up on me.
    It clomps through the front door wearing heavy boots and kicking the furniture.

  9. Rista commented on Speechless 11 days ago

    I work at a local Senior Center as a volunteer coordinator and assistant to the Bingo manager. With the appalling lack of Thanksgiving decorations and the overwhelming focus on Christmas sales, some of our ladies decided to take matters into their own hands!
    One brought us in some of the most adorable leaf and acorn turkeys for holding treats at the Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever seen.
    Since then they’ve been bringing some Thanksgiving decoration or picture in almost daily.
    I LOVE it!

  10. Rista commented on Prickly City 12 days ago

    It’s weird, just weird.
    I Don’t smoke pot or drink, so please keep that in mind.

    I’m being asked constantly to choose which drug is socially or legally acceptable or not.

    So I sat down and made a list of the effects of both.
    Emotional effects of drinking – releases inhibitions, makes a portion of those who drink aggressive to highly aggressive. Overdoses are a deadly poison, moderate overdoses cause discomfort, nausea, paranoia and unconsciousness. Causes distinct reduction in good judgement making.
    Physical effects include destroyed liver, reduced or destroyed brain function and a host of other various physical ailments. IS addictive.

    Emotional effects of Weed – releases inhibitions, depending on the type of weed used either causes a degree of hyper activity or mellows the person out to the point of being comatose. Pot smokers are not noted for becoming aggressive about much of anything.
    If consumed in larger amounts causes unconsciousness but over doses don’t kill although they can cause discomfort and paranoia . Causes distinct reduction in good judgement making.
    Physical effects: Lethargy, if smoked has a possibility of being carcinogenic.
    Is thought to be but not actually proven to be addictive. (probably cause no one’s been studying it with any degree of neutrality therefore destroying the validity of the study)

    My final take.
    If I had to choose between being trapped in an elevator with a very drunk or a very pot stoned person.. I’d probably choose the pot smoker.
    It doesn’t smell any worse and from what I’ve seen, it’s probably safer.