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  1. Sportymonk commented on Doonesbury about 19 hours ago

    Right now the doctor, the Trump and the HP exec are the best three from either side of the fence.

  2. Sportymonk commented on Nancy 5 days ago

    She looks better in panel two because in 1 she is either a little tired or sad looking and in panel two she has happy eyes and is smiling. Its not the figure which shows in both but her confidence and happiness.

  3. Sportymonk commented on Annie 9 days ago

    Thanks or the link. I went back and read the rest of this arc. Very good.

  4. Sportymonk commented on Non Sequitur 9 days ago

    I used to be a minster at that denomination and left after the church split over the issue of whether or not a woman could be a deacon. (Deacon means servant.) For some, their idea of service was cooking the Wednesday night dinner, not passing the plate (definitely only a man could do that!) or (gasp) going out helping people. (The problem was the men never went out and helped. Guess they were afraid the ladies would show them up!) Left ministry as I had this strange notion that God called people and he did the picking. (Quitting before I really go into a rant) .

  5. Sportymonk commented on Non Sequitur 9 days ago

    It amazes me how some churches will not tolerate “sinners” (pick your own ’big sin;) yet the Bible says all are sinners. I thought church was a place to come to and grow and learn, not be perfect. If we got rid os all the sinners, churches would real empty, including the pulpits.

  6. Sportymonk commented on Non Sequitur 9 days ago

    That’s what this country was really founded on. Different areas had different religions which are still seen today as different areas have larger groups.

  7. Sportymonk commented on Annie 9 days ago

    I wonder why they put the empty boxcars on a side railing in the middle of nowhere? I would recommend Annie go back to the rail line and wait for the train to come by again and maybe slow down enough for her to hop on. 30 miles across the desert with no water? Going to take a miracle.

  8. Sportymonk commented on Frazz 9 days ago

    @ rwillpatbar This is where my reports at work go. We knock ourselves out and 3 months later nobody even remembers them. Sigh. (Odd, it wouldn’t let me click submit.)

  9. Sportymonk commented on Annie 13 days ago

    No, I think it is the edge of her right sleeve giving the illusion combined with the shadow on the t-shirt adding to the illusion. As Annie is about 12- 13 I assume, it would be about time for Annie to begin to blossom but I seriously doubt that will ever happen as that is not really part of the storyline. Annie will remain the young girl forever, never growing up.

  10. Sportymonk commented on Luann 16 days ago

    Roanoke Rapids tried to build a theater like this. Great facility but no audience. City backed it and now bankruptcy all over.