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  1. Stray9999 commented on Zack Hill 13 days ago

    A play on the title of the TV show “Orange is the New Black”.

  2. Stray9999 commented on Daddy's Home 13 days ago

    I would rather hear about Princess Catherine than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Seriously, hasn’t the election been done yet?

  3. Stray9999 commented on Dog Eat Doug about 1 month ago

    And you would NOT believe some of the things he’s had to eat…

  4. Stray9999 commented on Bloom County 2016 2 months ago

    She is reading To Kill a Mockingbird, on the bike are The Way of the Superior Man and A Field Guide to Waterfowl.

  5. Stray9999 commented on Ted Rall 3 months ago

    Clinton never dodged the draft. What he did was resign from the ROTC when he had a chance to go to Oxford. Apparently his draft number was so high, the Viet Cong would have had tobe going up the Mississippi for him to be called.

  6. Stray9999 commented on Arlo and Janis 3 months ago

    You didn’t get Easter as a holiday?

  7. Stray9999 commented on B.C. 3 months ago

    Give us a brake here!

  8. Stray9999 commented on Arlo and Janis 3 months ago

    To me, 0356 is sleeping in.

  9. Stray9999 commented on FoxTrot Classics 3 months ago

    Why is Dad wearing a thong? I don’t know, but they started out as Bermuda shorts.

  10. Stray9999 commented on Robert Ariail 4 months ago

    Exactly where in the Bible is the name Lucifer mentioned? Not devil. Not any other name. But Lucifer. Book, chapter and verse, please.