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  1. Stray9999 commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Nothing bad’s gonna happen. Or else that wedding dress contest was for nothing. Methinks December 5 is going to be a strip to remember.

  2. Stray9999 commented on Jerry Holbert 2 days ago

    The one thing the Republicans and Mr. Trump DON’T have: an excuse. They have the House, the Senate, soon to be the Supreme Court and the White House. They don’t produce, they have to own up to it.

  3. Stray9999 commented on Darrin Bell 18 days ago

    Strange though every time Mr. Trump or his advisors were asked about the Special Prosecutor to investigate Mrs. Clinton, they all tried to change the subject. You don’t suppose…no, he couldn’t have been…Mr. Trump may have been LYING on that one?

  4. Stray9999 commented on Bob Gorrell 19 days ago

    More like multiply stupid.

  5. Stray9999 commented on Steve Breen 22 days ago

    Prove it.

  6. Stray9999 commented on Chris Britt 22 days ago

    If the KKK backed Mrs. Clinton, why are they preparing a victory parade?

  7. Stray9999 commented on Stuart Carlson 22 days ago

    Actually, a lot of them did. Especially in Texas.

  8. Stray9999 commented on Working Daze 25 days ago

    Justin Trudeau

  9. Stray9999 commented on Tom Toles 29 days ago

    The new president isn’t sworn in until late January. If he wins (and I doubt that will happen), Mr. Trump will not have the power to pardon himself in December. In fact, if he is in prison, he won’t be able to take the Oath of Office. If he is in prisons (or even just found guilty), the Electoral College will not elect him; it might be President Pence, but even that might not fly.

  10. Stray9999 commented on Gary Varvel about 1 month ago

    That you continue to support that Dirty Old Man is rather mind boggling.