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  1. Dave Heatherly commented on Pearls Before Swine over 1 year ago

    Probably a fairly accurate assessment of the current state of affairs. So against my best interest I’ll vote for it!!!!

  2. Dave Heatherly commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not over 3 years ago

    More than likely, it will be probably more of a Steve Irwin,The Crocodile Hunter type situation. Given it’s an aquatic environment, but I’ll bet you’re right the fate will be the same just for different, but wet again reasons. It’s the animals domain, home court advantage and pros playing semi pros. In other words they’ll be a big loser and I doubt it will be anyone but the human losing the test.

  3. Dave Heatherly commented on Basic Instructions almost 4 years ago

    I generally enjoy Scott Meyer’s work but this? Well let’s juts say it’s not the one I’d show friends who matter to me. Lame isn’t a strong enough adjective.

  4. Dave Heatherly commented on Dana Summers almost 4 years ago

    The far right has blown this entire, tragic event so far out of proportion then wonder why Americans are turning away from the GOP. It’s only going to get worse for them as the national demographic changes make the obsolete and unelectable except in the few places they can gerrymander the districts.

  5. Dave Heatherly commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    Many confuses voter registration fraud, which is easily caught before any votes are cast, with Actual Voter Fraud where someone votes without the right to do so. Some people can only see black & white and miss all the shades in between

  6. Dave Heatherly commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    Because he was a just like the rest of us before he became President, State Senators drive themselves as Harry Reid showed us this past week with the accident he was in while driving in Nevada. Depending on your state your license can last years before you have to get a new one. Where I live it’s 6 years

  7. Dave Heatherly commented on Brevity about 4 years ago

    You’re right, I noticed the politician looked like LBJ too

  8. Dave Heatherly commented on Michael Ramirez over 4 years ago

    Why doesn’t the strip mentioning GST’s closure in the timeline? I’m sure they were happy enough smearing honest workers with the strike brush rather than have to explain how Bain stripped the wages, as well as cut benefits, and pensions causing the strike then deciding since Americans wanted to earn an actual LIVING WAGE the closed it rather than pay American workers what they’re worth. I mean why pay for the most PRODUCTIVE workforce in the world when you can get people to SETTLE for shoddy, poorly made, disposable, crappy products from over seas.

  9. Dave Heatherly commented on Prickly City over 4 years ago

    The military is the largest single budget component we have. There have been projects that the Armed Forces have told congress are useless but congress still allocates and builds this projects. Eisenhower warned us to watch for the vast build up of the Military Industrial Complex and cited it as one of our greatest dangers but we didn’t heed the call