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  1. Darren Blair commented on Something about Celeste 12 days ago

    Problem is, if someone wants to kill badly enough, they’ll find a way, guns or no.
    What we need to be doing is getting people who are potentially dangerous the help they need before they pick up a weapon in the first place.
    In this case, the guy’s wife not only knew he was up to something, she drove him to the gun shop and the club on a few occasions. Had his wife put her foot down and called the cops, he’d be in a cell and 49 other people would be alive.

  2. Darren Blair commented on Something about Celeste 17 days ago

    Governor Perry was the best candidate out of the crop that showed up for this year.
    Problem was, Perry tried to implement some actual law and order down here in Texas, and in response the state Democrats tried to throw him in jail on puffed-up charges.
    You see, a key public official – and prominent Democrat – got pulled over one night for erratic driving. Not only was she drunk as a skunk, IIRC she had open alcohol containers in her vehicle. She was immediately arrested, at which point she made a spectacle of herself and demanded that she be released or else she’d use her authority to ruin the careers of every police officer involved in arresting and detaining her. She was so belligerent that she had to be restrained.
    Perry – like most of Texas – was so furious over the incident that he laid it on the line: if her superiors didn’t remove her from office for her actions, he’d use his veto authority to kill their funding. Perry even lined up a replacement – another Democrat – to take the position.
    Rather than recognize that it was time to clean things up, a number of Democrats in the state got folks to press charges against Perry for abuse of power.
    So long as the prospect of a jail sentence hung over Perry, no one wanted to vote for him.
    So yeah – you can blame the Democrats here in Texas (the same crop that infamously pushed Wendy Davis as governor) for Trump being the #1 GOP candidate right now.

  3. Darren Blair commented on Herb and Jamaal 24 days ago

    Depending upon who you talk to, the exposure to oxygen changes the flavor.

  4. Darren Blair commented on Green Pieces 27 days ago

    It’s been noticed. Articles have been written about it for some time now. I myself made note of this over a decade ago when I first began discussing the issue of illegal immigration with people.
    It’s one of the many reasons why some of the Native American reservations that are on the border take such a hard-line stance against illegal immigrants now, and are actually using their autonomy to get stricter about policing things.
    If only the rest of the nation would catch up and finally get a coherent and cohesive plan in place, we might finally slow the tide.

  5. Darren Blair commented on Nick Anderson about 1 month ago

    As a Texan? The sorry state of Texas Child Protective Services is a major scandal within the state itself, and reform is an even hotter topic than the transgender debate. Problem is, the national media doesn’t normally report on Texas CPS until such time as it suits their needs.

  6. Darren Blair commented on Something about Celeste about 1 month ago

    Only the more extreme versions of Christianity hold to that.
    The rest, believe me when I say it, view things far differently.

  7. Darren Blair commented on My Cage: New and Old 3 months ago

    The problem with saying “$250K = rich” is that it fails to factor in cost-of-living. There are actually parts of America where $250K is “upper middle class”, not rich. As such, a number of us who disagreed with this tax hike favored a proposal by which cost-of-living differences were factored in.

  8. Darren Blair commented on Bloom County 3 months ago

    Air America was doomed from the beginning. When they purchased their first few radio stations, they never notified the existing advertisers of the format change. As such, the advertisers believed that the stations simply changed ownership.
    Thing is, when Air America went live, most of their hosts were shock jocks rather than traditional talk show hosts. Because of this, people on both sides of the aisle were horrified at much of what Air America churned out, especially given an incident that led to the Secret Service getting involved because they believed that one skit represented a threat on W’s life.
    Listeners contacted the advertisers in shock over the fact that the advertisers were sponsoring this, only for most of the advertisers to reply that they had no idea what was going on. Once these advertisers realized just what Air America was doing, they immediately pulled their advertising from the airwaves.
    As such, not only did Air America quickly gain a reputation for shock and nonsense, they also lost such a large amount of revenue that they were nearly driven into bankruptcy within the first year. Its poor reputation and poor finances would dog it through the bulk of its run, leading to its eventual demise.
    I myself was surprised by how long it actually managed to last given everything that was happening.

  9. Darren Blair commented on Candace 'n' Company 3 months ago

    A certain roommate is going to learn a hard lesson one day when Candy gets married and so isn’t around to take care of things. Hope she likes living off of hot dogs.

  10. Darren Blair commented on Maintaining 3 months ago

    I said “high crime rate”.
    You know, places like California, Washington DC, Michigan, Maryland,…