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  1. Wendy commented on Trivquiz 15 days ago

    That’s a beautifully done portrait, Steve!

  2. Wendy commented on Trivquiz about 1 year ago

    Lorne Greene, one of my favourites and a fellow Canadian! But that should be spelled “Ottawa”, Steve. :)

  3. Wendy commented on Trivquiz over 1 year ago

    Such a sad day. One of the most gifted actors who ever lived. :(

  4. Wendy commented on Inherit the Mirth over 1 year ago

    I wish they’d have gone all out and done “Foal” Oatsteen!

  5. Wendy commented on Trivquiz over 1 year ago

    B) Should actually be MAC Taylor, not Matt. :)

  6. Wendy commented on Biographic over 1 year ago

    Oh, Lord, his hair. I’ll always love his glorious hair.

  7. Wendy commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn almost 2 years ago

    Ha! I love it! Nice!

  8. Wendy commented on Biographic almost 3 years ago

    I love “The Lords of Flatbush”! So glad it got mentioned!

  9. Wendy commented on For Better or For Worse about 3 years ago

    Me neither! Never once in my life.

  10. Wendy commented on Trivquiz about 3 years ago

    One of the greatest actors ever!