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  1. Blaze commented on Luann 18 days ago

    In regards to Farley, he was killed off (according to what Lynn wrote) because her friends and family were commenting that he was getting unnaturally old as the rest of the characters aged. I don’t agree with the choice but that was her reasoning.

    In regard to this strip, the characters are now starting to age and develop and the strip itself has been steadily been developing more adult themes and issues.

    Again, I hope I am wrong but the whole feel of the fire fighting thing is impending doom.

  2. Blaze commented on Luann 19 days ago

    @ outsideplaying

    I hope you are right. To me this is whole arc is feeling like the set up to a major tragedy…. Like Toni is about to be removed from the script.. I sincerely vehemently hope I am wrong here but that is the vibe I’m picking up.

  3. Blaze commented on Arlo and Janis almost 2 years ago

    Wow – this is a comic strip. Everyone gets made fun of. While I don’t agree that Janis was the butt of this particular strip – she has been on many others. There is no secret anti-male agenda. Lighten up everyone! It’s a comic – making fun of and highlighting our common foibles is part of what humor is all about!

  4. Blaze commented on Get Fuzzy almost 2 years ago

    Can anyone make out what that is on the table?

  5. Blaze commented on Garfield about 3 years ago

    Speaking for myself, I like Liz in the strip. however I would prefer they go back to Jon not being a total idiot and having story lines with continuity.

  6. Blaze commented on Doonesbury about 3 years ago

    @ Tea Party from what I read you are just as bad. You make provocative statements and then act like an innocent victim at the response. You remind me of the papparazzi who calls out ‘Hey who’s the fat chick you’re with’ and then only publishes the response from the comment – they are hoping for as big response as possible.

    @most of the rest of you. Just because someone is being provocative doesn’t mean it’s OK to be insulting and demeaning. While Teaparty is doing the cherry picking half truth thing (imo), the half truth part is that you guys are being insulting and demeaning.

  7. Blaze commented on Ordinary Bill about 4 years ago

    I’ll add to the chorus. I enjoy the humor but the no eyeball thing is a turn off.

  8. Blaze commented on Ordinary Bill about 4 years ago

    I didn’t really get this one. I wasn’t sure if the final panel was referring to him trying to get her out of her pants,r if it was a shorts vs pants type of thing, or if it was him just wanting to go around in his underwear or less.

  9. Blaze commented on Arlo and Janis over 5 years ago

    I didn’t get this one at all.