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  1. Cooncat commented on Kliban 1 day ago

    If everyone ignored kitty, he’d be more likely to do something to get your attention … like a trick. If I’m at my computer, and my Jayden wants attention, he’ll sit at my side, looking at me. If I continue to ignore him, he stands up and taps me on the shoulder. If I still pay him no attention, he flops down on the floor on his back, showing me his tummy and letting out a few “chirps” … he’s a real clown, and I can never ignore him long.

  2. Cooncat commented on B.C. 1 day ago

    Morningstar Farms makes a bacon from TVP (texturized vegetable protein … soy). I’ve had it, and its good. The look isn’t like that of real flesh bacon, but the taste isn’t bad, so long as you don’t over cook it. Most TVP substitutes are pretty decent, as long as they are not over “nuked” (microwaved).

  3. Cooncat commented on Garfield 2 days ago

    Merry Christmas one and all …

  4. Cooncat commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 2 days ago

    Pres. Lincoln was such a devoted father, and was crushed by the loss of his son Willie (as was his wife, Mary Todd). Abe was unpretentious, and Mary Todd extravagant in the extreme, so perhaps they settled on “Fruitcake” …

  5. Cooncat commented on B.C. 2 days ago

    If snake is smart, he’ll have provided a special club, stuffed with goose down feathers, to make his beatings less severe in the new year.

  6. Cooncat commented on Heathcliff 3 days ago

    Santa’s reindeer all wear “depends” …

  7. Cooncat commented on Get Fuzzy 4 days ago

    Funny … my inner kitten often says “bite me” as well …

  8. Cooncat commented on Peanuts 6 days ago

    The song “I’ll be home for Christmas” bring tears to my eyes every time …. because there were some years I could not be physically home for Christmas … (even the line “if only in my dreams” doesn’t quell the sadness).

  9. Cooncat commented on Get Fuzzy 6 days ago

    I read Catch-22 and saw the movie … imho, those 2 probably smell as much as Bucky’s book.

  10. Cooncat commented on Garfield 6 days ago

    Love is blind … the only thing Jon has going for him is Garfield.