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  1. Cooncat commented on Get Fuzzy about 10 hours ago

    Well, compared to MSNBC, NPR & PBS are “even-handed”, but by my standards, they are like the rest of the media .. very liberal. Got it right in ONE, Bucky!

  2. Cooncat commented on Peanuts 1 day ago

    My worst encounter with a sidewalk was after just completing a 13 mile out & back at Presque Isle St. Park (Erie, Pa.) and I was coasting, cooling off, when I hit a rock with one of my rollerblades and promptly did a face plant into the cement. Broken glasses, couple of broken teeth, and a bit bloodied, but I survived (after I made an emergency stop at my dentist, who cleared her schedule and patched me up).

  3. Cooncat commented on Get Fuzzy 2 days ago

    Boy .. I remember going to those midnight release parties (at Border’s book store). Those were great times. So good to see kids actually READING books! I’d get there early, and spend 3-4 hours just talking with other fans about what had happened in past books, and what they thought was going to happen in the book we were waiting for. Great times!

  4. Cooncat commented on Kliban 2 days ago

    “curses” !

  5. Cooncat commented on Peanuts 4 days ago

    Don’t tell Sophie that her ‘friend’ is afraid to chase rabbits …

  6. Cooncat commented on Heathcliff 4 days ago

    Reminds me of the news story this past week of a guy who was arrested for choking his wife for eating the last of the fried chicken … Must have REALLY been ‘finger lickin’ good!’

  7. Cooncat commented on Get Fuzzy 4 days ago

    Why are Saturday & Sunday such STRONG days? Because all the rest are weekdays … (hey, it was funny in 3rd grade)

  8. Cooncat commented on B.C. 4 days ago

    An Apteryx and a Duck-billed Platypus walk into a bar. The bartender ask, “What’ll ya have?” … GO!

  9. Cooncat commented on Garfield 5 days ago

    Hey Jon .. I got something you can kiss …

  10. Cooncat commented on Kliban 5 days ago

    “certain ethnic brain surgeon …”