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  1. Diarmid Connell commented on The Buckets over 2 years ago

    Yes, pretty much. Applies to stand-up presentations, as well.

  2. Diarmid Connell commented on B.C. almost 3 years ago

    “Stay Calm and Carrion”

  3. Diarmid Connell commented on C'est la Vie about 3 years ago

    Something to put it in?

  4. Diarmid Connell commented on Arlo and Janis over 3 years ago

    Opened up a grill that had been ‘wintering over’, and discovered a nest and big mouse (or a small rat?) – interesting in that there was not apparent start nor panic.. maybe it was just too sluggish from sleep? It stretched and lumbered off annoyed a being disturbed..
    But I agree, and suggest a cleaning and cover last use in Autumn.
    - But still if forgotten, we scrape most of the crust from the grill rack,
    and give it a good firing and heating up for a cleaning and sanitizing prelude to cooking.
    Bon Appetite

  5. Diarmid Connell commented on Gray Matters over 4 years ago

    It is not a question of being paranoid; the question is are you paranoid ENOUGH??

  6. Diarmid Connell commented on Jane's World over 4 years ago

    “Get Fuzzy” reference…