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Barney & Clyde by Gene Weingarten, Dan Weingarten & David Clark

Barney & Clyde

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  1. J D commented on Sketchshark Comics about 1 month ago

    This is EXACTLY how my “fur-babies” act. Adding this strip. BTW, “fur-babies”? Seriously?

  2. J D commented on Eek! 4 months ago

    It’s not being declawed that makes them calm. . . He must have had something else removed!

  3. J D commented on Sketchy Chics 11 months ago

    A keeper.

  4. J D commented on Learn to Speak Cat about 1 year ago

    No, this is the fig, not the victory symbol. It’s comparable to the American bird.

  5. J D commented on The Buckets almost 3 years ago

    C’mon, gramps. Even your grandpa complained about times changing!

  6. J D commented on WuMo almost 3 years ago


    Scarier still would be packrats!

  7. J D commented on Berger & Wyse about 3 years ago

    I guess “hoovering” means something else in the States? It simply means run the vac to the rest of us.

    But, yes, great strip.

  8. J D commented on Medium Large about 4 years ago

    “The Gashlycrumb Tinies: or, After the Outing is an abecedarian book written by Edward Gorey that was first published in 1963. Gorey tells the tale of 26 children (each representing a letter of the alphabet) and their untimely deaths.” Since this child’s name had the same initial letter as another child, he didn’t die in some silly or embarrassing way.

  9. J D commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz almost 5 years ago

    No, you’d still be able to hear something as loud as a gunshot.